House style

Office templates

As a student or staff member, do you need an Excel, Word or PowerPoint template for your work?

You can find these on the intranet.


KdG has its own font: the KdG! We use this font sparingly, in a sober and well-thought out manner, usually in headlines and never in continuous text. In addition, we use Verdana (Office applications) and Proxima Nova (Adobe and other graphics applications).


Our basic colours are black and white.


Our logo can be downloaded using the links below. You may use one of the three logos depending on the design and purpose of your communication.

If you are communicating in an international context, you should use the English-language logo. If the communication is issued by KdG Expert or KdG Stuvo, you should use the sub-brand logo.

More information

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  • Are you a graphic designer and need specific information and tools?

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