Vision on education

Our mission and values are reflected in the way we organize our education.

Our alumni

Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts alumni are professionals. They are aware of relevant internal and external developments, understand the criteria, competences, values and attitudes to act appropriately, and are empathic and committed. It allows them to implement and use intercultural and international networks. They are professionals who share a constructive and a creative approach towards cooperation, leading to better and widely supported results. They are goal-oriented, turn their dreams into actions, have innovative ideas and are an inspiration for others. Challenged by the constantly evolving context in which they work they never cease to learn. They are flexible and act upon changes in a pro-active and sustainable way.  They aim high when it comes to acquiring the right skills. They take their life in their own hands and, as such, contribute positively to a sustainable local and global society.  

Our learning context

KdG’s learning context is innovative and challenging. KdG offers each student and staff member an intercultural experience, @home or international. In a co-creative atmosphere with students, alumni, teachers and professionals KdG enlarges its powerful and interdisciplinary learning environments. Our methods encourage knowledge sharing and learning through experiences and cases, across fields of study. We also implement new methods of workplace learning.

KdG makes room for audacity, exploration and experiment. We think of ‘failure’ as an actual learning opportunity.  That is why our curricula, our education and evaluation methods pro-actively anticipate new workplace and society developments, on a solid basis and drawn up for students.   

At KdG learning support and empowering feedback both serve as a structural part of the learning environment. We have high hopes for our students, esp. in inflow, transfer and graduate-competences and rely on their responsibility in achieving these competences.

Campus life!  

The KdG-campuses are alive!

KdG works and connects, locally and globally. There is room for debate and diversity in each campus. KdG makes participation work. Students actually have a say in how life is organized on campus. The way campuses are organized encourages co-creation; KdG stimulates and supports sustainable ideas  that lead to a vivid campus life. KdG welcomes new and enticing ideas that inject campus life with a dash of inspiration and dynamism. This way we reveal the full potential of our talents, every day, and also outside our learning context. 

KdG International Students in Antwerp