Application procedure for a bachelor's degree in English

1. Application fee

We require a non-refundable application fee before you proceed with an application for one of our English-language bachelor’s.

Note: This fee does not apply to those educated in a regular Flemish or Dutch high school, due to the reduced administration involved. 


€75 (excluding bank costs). This fee is deducted from your tuition fee if you are accepted onto the programme. You only pay the application fee once per academic year, even if you apply for more English-language programmes.

How and when?

Please pay via our payment system before you apply.

Await the confirmation page that your transaction was successful before you continue with Step 2 of our application procedure.  

Without this payment, we are unable to process your application or answer questions on your eligibility for a programme.

2. Application form

  • The application form takes about 15 minutes if you have prepared your motivational statement in advance.
  • It should outline why you are interested in our programme(s), our school and how the course relates to you as an individual, your previous experience and your ambitions (minimum 100 words).
  • You also need to submit details of your educational history.

    Please note that it is not possible to save the form, so you will need to complete the application in one sitting.

    3. Supporting documents

    Once you have submitted your application form, you will receive a confirmation message and request to email the following individually scanned supporting documents to the relevant programme:

    • Your identity card (front and back) or passport. International students already living in Belgium should also include a copy of their Belgian residence card (front and back). These help to determine your tuition fees. 

    • Secondary education certificate
    • Language certificate

    This is the only way in which we can process your documents. Please do not send copies of your documents in the post.

    Your application is checked to ensure it meets our course requirements. We can only process your application if all the supporting documents are included.

    Our admissions staff are authorised to request additional documentation and, upon receiving documents of a non-verifiable nature, reject your admission.

    4. Acceptance

    We will inform you by email to let you know whether your application is successful or not.

    Some students may receive a conditional acceptance – subject to them submitting their high school diploma certificate by the beginning of September.

    5. Official enrolment

    • International students
      Once you have paid your tuition fee for the upcoming academic year, your place is reserved on the degree programme. Congratulations!
      You will receive a formal acceptance letter via email, which can be used to apply for a visa if required.
    • Students with a Flemish or Dutch high school diploma
      Your KdG acceptance email is sufficient to reserve your place and we will invite you to our campus during the Summer to finalise your enrolment and tuition fee payment.