Belgium immigration

Please check below to see if you require a visa to study in Belgium:

EEA or non-EEA?

  • European Economic Area: including all 28 EU-member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway 
  • Belgian students are EEA students and follow this procedure

Nationals of EEA countries, Monaco & Switzerland

You not need a visa to study in Belgium. You can travel to Belgium using your national passport or identity card.

All other nationalities

Corona update

If you are affected by delays to your visa application, please check our COVID-19 FAQs. We will update this page when we receive guidance from the relevant authorities.

You must apply for a long-stay visa (known as a D visa) before arriving in Belgium. Please contact your local Belgian consulate in your home country or country of legal residence.

As a general rule, authorisation to stay in Belgium for more than three months is granted to foreign students wishing to pursue higher education here as a regular student.

You will need your KdG acceptance letter before you can apply for a visa. We issue your acceptance letter once your tuition fees are paid. 

For more information about the visa application procedure and the required supporting documents visit:

Visa application fee

As a public school, we are subsidized by the Belgian government. This is important when applying for a visa as it determines the level of the application fee. 

Proof of enrolment

You will need your KdG acceptance letter before you can apply for a visa. We issue your study contract once your tuition fees are paid. 


Start the visa application process early. It can take up to three to five months for a visa to be granted and the academic year begins in September.

Proof of solvency

All students with who require a visa are obliged by Belgian law to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover their study and living expenses for the duration of their studies.

Proof of sufficient funds is an essential condition for obtaining an Authorisation for Provisional Sojourn (student visa type D) to enable you to live and study in Belgium. It is also an important requirement for obtaining and/or extending your Belgian residence permit.

Should you wish, you can opt for our proof of solvency procedure. We offer this service to help our international students prove their financial solvency. It has a proven track record, and a higher success rate than a sponsor. 

The People's Republic of China: APS certificate

All students with a Chinese degree who want to study at a Belgian higher education institution are obliged to obtain an APS-certificate of academic screening. Moreover, an APS-certificate is a condition for obtaining a student visa at the Belgian Embassy or Consulates General in the PR China. 

This certificate is issued by The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) of the German Embassy in Beijing. Please note that an APS-certificate is required but it is not a binding document, nor is it sufficient to grant access to any higher education institute in Belgium. 

Chinese applicants should add the APS-certificate to their application. Students should start the procedure by themselves before applying at KdG by contacting

More information on APS