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Who can start an exchange programme?

Only students selected in the framework of a cooperation agreement can be accepted.

Want to apply? Ask your home institution to communicate your nomination to our international coordinators (per study field). When you are accepted you will receive an e-mail confirming your nomination. Register and complete the application on Mobility Online.

    Manuals Mobility Online:


    • 1st semester (Autumn semester): 15 May
    • 2nd semester (Spring semester):  15 November

    How to start the Bachelor's degree programme in English: International Business?

    Check > Admission.

    How to start a Bachelor's degree programme in Dutch

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    Admission office:


    We know how important it is for our students to find a home away from home, so from Spring 2019, our newly recruited International Housing Officer will be in post to answer your questions.

    KdG does not offer student accommodation but Antwerp boasts a large student population, so there are many options available.

    We recommend that our degree students start looking as soon as they receive their acceptance or conditional acceptance email. Exchange students should begin their search once their application is approved and confirmed.

    You may find it useful to visit Kotweb. It offers a wide selection of student accommodation in and around the city.

    It has a useful labelling system that informs tenants whether a particular room meets all Flemish legislation and fire safety standards. 

    Students can also select rooms that are rented by landlords who use the Kotweb model lease. And, for an idea of their budget estimate click here.

    Welcome in Belgium, EU-citizens & Non-EU-citizens!

    Study in Antwerp. That’s great, but…

    Non-EU citizens are obliged to register at the immigration office for a residence permit. Please send the required documents below to

    EU citizens are NOT obliged to register at the immigration office for a residence permit, unless:

    • You are here for one full academic year or longer
    • You have personal reasons (e.g. if you want to work, open a bank account)

    If that is the case, please send the required documents below to (exchange) or (IBS).

    Before your return - leaving Belgium

    At the end of their stay students who entered a file at the immigration office will have to fill out the document ‘change of domicile’ and send it back before leaving Belgium to


    All international exchange students (one or two semesters), including students within the Erasmus Belgica programme, need to have their health insurance covering illness and accidents, including accidents during study and third-party liability insurance arranged before arrival. The validity of the insurances must cover the whole stay. During internship all international students (one or two semesters) are insured by an insurance policy taken out by KdG for physical accidents.

    International students who follow a whole Bachelor degree programme are insured by an insurance policy taken out by KdG for physical accidents and third party liability during study or internship.

    If you are in need of an insurance covering accidents, illness,  travel assistance and third party insurance , we can suggest the SIP (Student Insurance Programme).

    For more information, please contact