Multimedia & Communication Technology

Bachelor of Multimedia and Communication Technology - Subject to approval by the Flemish government

Our bachelor’s is still under development but here is a brief update to give you a taster of the type of course you can expect – subject to approval by the Flemish government. We will update you with further details as soon as they are available.

The course in brief

In the next three years, you will work at the crossroads between technology, strategy and creativity.

You will develop the cutting-edge creativity and technical skills to help you to shine in the fast-paced world of multimedia. Together with our strategic know-how, you will build a commercial awareness and the leadership and communication skills needed for the international workplace

Each semester is divided into modules and seminars designed for curiosity-driven learning. Everything you learn during this time is preparation for your end-of-term assignment. This is a chance to apply your knowledge, exercise your curiosity, and deliver results as part of a team.

In your first year, you will focus on technology, familiarizing yourself with the essential tools needed to become a digital maker. The focus in the second year is about creativity and design – writing interesting and compelling narratives, design thinking and giving shape to your ideas. You will be using the latest tech to have an impact on society, building bridges between technology and people.

From day one, our project-based approach gives you an understanding of the realities of work. This way of learning continues until your third year, when the focus shifts to on-the-job experience. Here you have two options – either to pursue your own start-up venture or apply for an internship in an international company. Whatever you choose, this 16-week placement is likely to have a significant impact on your next step…