Course list Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship

  • You have to take a minimum of 20 ECTS and a maximum of 35 ECTS.
  • Technology & Entrepreneurship – Start Up Your Start Up is the core element to the programme and is therefore mandatory! (10 ECTS)
  • You can choose freely between the other components of the programme in order to have a full programme.
  • Note that for the course ‘Principles of Game Design prior knowledge in programming is required and for the course ‘Motion Graphics’ we expect prior knowledge in graphic design.
  • The number of participants for the intensive Innovation Bootcamp is limited and covers a two day programme in Amsterdam. The costs (accommodation, travel costs) will be at students own expenses.



Technology & Entrepreneurship – Start Up Your Start Up

(10 credits - mandatory)
  • Content: 
    • Technology & Entrepreneurship – Start Up Your Start Up will begin with a creative Bootcamp, to open up your mind, start the innovative thinking process and get to know your team members.
    • You will be guided through the essentials of Project Management, in order to work on the concept of your innovative idea.
    • Once you have a clear focus, you will start campaigning your idea. In a final run to the presentation of your Project, we will focus on the branding & presentation of your project.
    • We expect you to have a clear defined project (a product, application, service,…) at the end of this semester, you will have to proof this during a presentation for an actual jury.
  • During the project, you will be tested on the following competences:
    • Project management, entrepreneurship and creativity 
    • Intercultural communication 
  • Organization & Evaluation:

    Regular and Intensive:

    • 4h of coaching sessions / week
    • 4h of workshops and lessons on specific topics
    • Individual teamwork

Masterclass Entrepreneurship

(5 credits - elective)

In various seminars, expert guide you through some essential questions if you want to become an entrepreneur, such as:

  • Why would you become and entrepreneur?
  • What is being an entrepreneur about?
  • Legal obligations of an entrepreneur
  • From idea to something real
  • Customers wanted
  • Organization of your business
  • The financial part of your business
  • Inspiration


(5 credits - elective)

iPhone or Fairphone? Local produce or eco-friendly Brazilian coffee? Tiny house or digital nomad? Which trends will be popular next year? Why do we choose one trend over another? Who decides what we like? Over the past decades, trend forecasting has become an increasingly important creative industry, reflecting on the most prevalent cultural moods of the present and predicting the sensitivities of the future.

  • At the end of the course, you’ll have developed the critical skills to analyze and interpret trends – and the practice of researching future trends.
  • You’ll be able to write a paper in which you reflect on or present a particular trend.
  • You will sell your trend insight as a true storyteller.



Principles of game design

(5 credits - elective)

In this course you will study the basic concepts of game design and how they are documented. You will also apply this concretely in a game sample, so bring along your coding skills. 

Online Marketing Essentials

(5 credits - elective)

After taking this course, you will know the basics of social media marketing and can apply them in practice. You can work with Google Analytics to draw conclusions in order to optimize online marketing. You’ll know the functioning of online acquisition (SEO, SEA, email marketing, display, ...) and can formulate an SEO advice.

Kickstarter Media Lab

(5 credits - elective)

You’ve seen so many ways to express your ideas in a digital way, but always were afraid to start using it, because it feels like rocket science? Not anymore! We will provide you with a lot of surprisingly easy tools to get you going.

There is a lot to discover:

  • Start building your own small digital portfolio.
  • Make a stop motion to present a product.
  • Prepare your laptop and webcam to have a professional looking streaming environment.
  • Make al small 3D printed prototype.
  • Record your own vlog.

The student will build enough confidence to start experimenting on his own. Doing something wrong is no failure, doing nothing is.



Digital Storytelling

(5 credits - elective)

A combination of storytelling and good design should work in partnership to turn what can be a ‘dry’ publication into a truly effective communication piece. In addition to good storytelling, good design can help your story deliver an emotional punch, and make it clear what’s distinctive about your organisation’s work. This course will help you become an expert in both aspects.

Motion Graphics

(5 credits – elective)

In a series of tutorials with accompanying lectures you will work with a combination of:

  • Illustrator (prepare graphics and illustrations and draw them yourself)
  • After Effects (moving parts and animating them separately)
  • Premiere (add parts to rotated images)

A basic knowledge of the programs is mandatory.

Innovation Bootcamp

(5 credits - elective)

The Innovation Boot Camp is an intensive week organized by the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) in Stuttgart, Germany, in collaboration with the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) in The Netherlands, and Karel de Grote University College (KdG), Belgium. The Innovation Boot Camp is a compact intensive Bootcamp and combines Trendwatching and Innovation in the framework of Entrepreneurship. Participants will have the unique opportunity to experience business-related models and search for emerging trends in technology, innovation and sustainability.

The preliminary schedule foresees creative workshops on Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping and MVP as well as social activities in both cities. Participants can earn 5 credits in this Short Term Program.

The Bootcamp will take place at the Karel De Grote University College in Antwerp, Belgium followed by a two day programme at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Participants are responsible for their travel, accommodation, meals and social program during the two day programme in Amsterdam.

The number of participants is limited.

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Dutch Foreign Language level 1A

(for credits or not for credits)

KdG offers free Dutch language courses for all exchange students:

  • Evening classes 
  • Courses take place at the Faculty of Management 1 IT at Campus Groenplaats, in the center of Antwerp
  • You can choose whether you would like to do the course for credits (thus part if your learning agreement) or without credits.