Course list Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship

  • You have to take a minimum of 21 ECTS and a maximum of 36 ECTS
  • The project XL is the core element to the programme, we advise you to participate! (12 ECTS)
  • You can choose freely between the other components of the programme in order to have a full programme 

Image (creativity)


Graphic design fundamentals

(3 ECTS)
  • Content: The student will gain insight into the possibilities of Adobe Creative Cloud: Indesign and Illustrator. The student learns how to draw up documents efficiently and the main functions of Indesign and Illustrator. 
  • Goal: visualize ideas through graphics programs like Adobe Creative Cloud: Indesign, Illustrator. 
  • Organisation & Evaluation:
    • Regular Course
    • Assignment & Portfolio 

Trend Watching

(3 ECTS)
  • Content: Skinny jeans or low-cut trousers, local produce or eco-friendly Brazilian coffee, grunge or folk music? Which trends will be popular next year? Why do we choose one trend over another? Who decides what we like? Over the past decades, trend forecasting has become an increasingly important creative industry, reflecting on the most prevalent cultural moods of the present and predicting the sensitivities of the future. 
  • Goal:
    • have developed the critical skills to analyse and interprettrends – and the practice of predicting trends 
    • be able to write a paper in which you reflect on or present a particular trend 
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Intensive Course: 24h / 1 week 
    • Written paper / presentation 


(3 ECTS)
  • Content: We teach you the basics of animation and you will learn to apply it to your own animation. At the end of this course you will be able to develop an animation on the basis of an imposed scenario 
  • Goal:
    • You can bring a static design to life through animation (to animate movements). 
    • You will become familiar with some basic concepts of animating and can apply them in a short animation 
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Regular course
    • Assignment 





(3 ECTS)
  • Content: This workshop provides a full introduction of programming fundamentals using JavaScript to create rich web applications. Building on the foundations you learn, students take a hands-on approach in showing JavaScript's relationship to HTML and CSS to create professional, relevant applications. The primary emphasis of this workshop is on the JavaScript programming language, with secondary emphasis on HTML and CSS. 
  • Goal:
    • Understand at a high-level how the web works, the role of the browser and where the industry is going: the rise and importance of mobile and how the web and JavaScript fit into this 
    • Define the role of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in web pages and web applications 
    • Define the DOM and JavaScript's importance in using it to create rich web applications 
    • Understand how programming languages work, their relationship to the machine on which the language is run 
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Regular course
    • Assignement and examination


(3 ECTS)
  • Content: The student has mastered the basics and jargon of Photoshop. The student can prepare images for digital applications such as web, print, and video. 
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Regular Course
    • Assignment



The Project XL – start up your start up

(12 ECTS)
  • Content: The project XL will start with a creative Bootcamp, to open up your mind, start the innovative thinking process and get to know your team members; You will be guided through the essentials of Project Management, in order to work on the concept of your innovative idea. One of our coaches will also focus on the Financial & Business Planning of your project, in order to make sure you are designing a sustainable project. Once you went through all this steps, we will  organize a pitch for  all your projects in a final Bootcamp, in order to help you take the step from the conceptual phase to the actual development of your project. Once you have a clear focus, you will start campaigning your idea, by various ways of Online Marketing, using all the necessary social media to get your idea out there. In a final run to the presentation of your Project, we will focus on the branding & presentation of your project. We expect you to have a clear defined project (a product, application, service,…) at the end of this semester, you will have to proof this during a presentation for an actual jury.
  • Goal: During the project, you will be tested on the following competences:
    • Project management, entrepreneurship and creativity 
    • Intercultural communication 
    • Financial planning and marketing strategy
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Regular and Intsenive: 8h of coaching sessions and workshops / week during whole semester + teamwork 
    • Evaluation of teamwork and projectmanagment + Presentation of your final project 

Seminar Expert Meetings Entrepreneurship

(3 ECTS)
  • Content:
    • Why would you become and entrepreneur? 
    • What is being an entrepreneur about? 
    • Legal obligations of an entrepreneur 
    • From idea to something real 
    • Customers wanted 
    • Organisation of your business 
    • The financial part of your business 
    • Inspiration 
  • Organisation & Evalution:
    • Regular Course: 2h / week during full semester 
    • Multiple choice – written exam 

Marketing essentials

(3 ECTS)
  • Content: To be completed
  • Regular course: 2h/ week during