Software Management

Specialization of Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences

  • User-friendly software, you have a passion for it. You know – like no other – what the end-user needs and you know how to communicate their needs to developers. They know how to translate the technical jargon to a language that everyone understands. Talk the talk, walk the walk. Easy-peasy.
  • Prepare yourselves: you’ll be submerged in a well-balanced programme. This will allow you to start as a developer and evolve to a project manager.
  • We’ll reserve a great amount of time for data management (date warehousing, No-SQL…)
  • You’ll learn how to think about IT-management, project management, quality control…
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: only two of the terms that have penetrated into everyday language. We think ahead and focus on the outcome of these and other important evolutions.
  • Working together with people and goal oriented thinking, that is what this education is all about
  • You’ll be in contact with companies as soon as you enrol. In your first year you will visit an IT-company where you meet and interview junior employees.
  • Your teachers are experts! There you have it: the best for the best!
  • Guest lecturers will enthuse you; conferences and elective courses tackle actual trends.
  • Interesting assignments and internships, thanks to a big network of national and international companies. With a little bit of luck they’ll hire you!