Automotive Technology

Bachelor of Automotive Technology

  • Get to know the ins and outs of combustion engines, diagnostics and network systems... okay, all good, but being able to deal with future customers, colleagues and employers is important as well...
  • Languages? They are essential in the automotive sector. We’ll help you with workshops English and French, with an emphasis on ‘speaking in public’
  • You’ll really get to know the sector, rest assured. You’ll dive into it as soon as you set foot in our college
  • Next to a lot of practical courses you will receive an introductory course in your second year and a specialization internship in your third year.
  • Elective courses will broaden your insights in subjects that genuinely interest you. Technique, sales, old-timers, expertise, …  You name it.
  • All elective courses have a logic and transparent build-up, and are limited in time. We guarantee focus and a strong learning curve.
  • Basic sciences have been integrated in the elective courses, allowing you hands-on experiences.
  • You choose for a modern study programme with a content that is 100% sector expectation/demands proof. How we know? The sector’s experts teach in our school!
  • The contact between you and your teachers is direct and personal.
  • We don’t just ‘do diploma’s’. During your studies you will learn how to network and discover what your interests really are. What are you good at? What do you like less? But most of all: what is it that makes your heart beats faster? Our career planner and Experience Week will help you to discover all this.
  • The outcome? You’ll graduate as a self-confident, self-aware professional, with a clear vision.