Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratory Technology

Specialization of Bachelor of Bio-Medical Laboratory Technology

  • You have been fascinated by how the body works ever since you were a kid. Now is the time to really explore the human body, to the smallest vein.
  • How fast can you turn a sick person into a healthy one? What medication do you need? These questions trigger your enthusiasm.
  • There is no medication yet? You start experimenting. This could be the basis of a new cure.
  • You are interested in working in a hospital laboratory or a research centre.
  • Small is beautiful: the second year of your study you will be divided in smaller groups
  • Thanks to the overall attention for the environment and sustainability your greener alter ego will become very happy
  • Our approach in 4 periods has nothing but advantages: we evaluate your work throughout the year; after finishing the first period we’ll give feedback very quickly; this allows you to choose another field of study.
  • Your opinion matters: we care about what you think about your lesson and exam schedule.
  • Extend your studies with a master programme? Piece of cake.