Bridge Programme Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing

  • Certified or qualified nurse? A HBO5 degree nursing or the Dutch MBO-V? This shortened programme will allow you to achieve your bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • You already have this degree framed on your wall? Why don’t you choose for a one-year-specialisation?
  • All parts of this study programme can be personally adapted.  Would you like to study part-time or opt-in mid-year? No problem whatsoever.
  • You are not alone. Clinical education goes hand in hand with personal coaching. Why not choose for an internship at your current work place? We’ll check the possibilities.
  • Internship further away or abroad? Go, go, go!
  • Learn from the best! Specialists will happily share their experience.
  • Easy planning: there is a fixed weekly schedule. Thanks to a strict planning you will never have to deal with unpleasant surprises; everything will run smoothly.
  • Our teachers know what they talk about. They can rely on a great deal of experience and expertise; they will gladly help you with all your questions and will monitor your development closely.