International Entrepreneurship

Specialisation of Bachelor of Business Management

  • A small surfaced country comes with a lot of ‘abroad’. With other cultures only at a stone’s throw you’ll benefit from studying several languages. You have a knack for languages … this will surely be your thing!
  • Do it yourself. That is every entrepreneur’s mantra. You’ve got what it takes? Shown ‘n tell! And go search for that one project the right company.
  • Let’s be honest: you want your own start-up. Do you have to wait until you’re graduated? Not at all. In your third year you’ll start your own business. No sweat.
  • An internship in Hamburg? A graduation project in Milan? Of course! If you really would like to get the most out of this study programme you definitely should travel abroad.
  • Practice makes perfect. You’ll build up experience in different companies, which will bring your expertise to perfection.  With almost 40% practice that should not be a big surprise. Talking about a head start.

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