SME-Management and Entrepreneurial Studies

Specialization of Bachelor of Business Management

  • You were born a manager and have all the qualities to dive into the world of management, hands-on.
  • Learn from pros! Your teachers know what they talk about; as business professionals they know the ins and outs of their field of work.
  • We fight dullness by allowing you to work with companies and entrepreneurs. When? Second year of study. And that’s fast. -    You are full of ideas, we know. How cool is it to be able to turn them into actual projects during your study?
  • How to deal with crisis situations? How to lead by example? You’ll learn all of this as you go. There will be a lot of attention for teamwork.
  • From one-man business to multinational: you will get to know ‘the world of business’ in detail. This field of study will turn you into a multi-talented, multi-employable young professional.
  • Thanks to our no-nonsense approach – we combine theory with practice – you soon will become one of the young starters, a much sought after young potential, injecting our economy with new energy!
  • Belgium is not big enough? Why don’t you choose for an internship abroad? A whole year! Go for it!
  • The world is your oyster: your degree will open doors both nationally and internationally, in every field of business you can imagine. Personnel manager for a bank, for example, marketing executive or manager of your own company, … the world is yours!