Cross Media Management

Optional course of Bachelor of Office Management

  • Storytelling, create sexy content, develop apps, web content marketing, … this study programme has it all.
  • Students, professionals, lecturers … now there’s a trio for you. Your experience and expertise will lead to extra input!
  • Inspirational coaches will share their professional expertise on a weekly basis.
  • First we look at your skills. Then we’ll show you how to apply them to broaden your know-how.
  • Here and know: this is a ‘this is now’-study programme, leaving you a lot of room to develop your talents.
  • Our approach works: you will make the difference and you’ll feel very happy and fulfilled.
  • One part critical thinking, one part playful experimenting, that is ‘going for gold’!
  • You have a clear view on what you want. You’ll have the chance to put together your own ‘state of the art’ –itinerary.