Art and Culture Mediation

Specialization of Bachelor of Social Work and Welfare Studies

  • Music, theatre, visual arts, street art, film… that is really so like you! How ‘bout that, you share the same passion as our teachers.
  • Your goal? More young people in museums, more new Belgians on stage, more physically disabled people on festival sites…
  • Focus on arts and culture, of course. But that is not all. We’ll fill your mind with all the essential insights and skills, e.g. ‘how to negotiate?’ Unique in Flanders!
  • Practice makes perfect, also - and especially - in our field of work.
  • Curious about what happens abroad? We won’t stop you. Talk to some of your fellow students, choose a destination and explore!
  • Small is beautiful: you’ll train your skills in small groups. Your teachers will coach you.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Social Work has a lot of advantages and will lead to opportunities both in and out of the healthcare sector. But, we are sure you will find your way.