Preschool Education

Bachelor of Education: Pre-School Education

  • Culture, start- and pop-ups, international vibes, food, fun, sports, … this study programme has Antwerp as fantastic setting!
  • You’ll how to work goal-oriented, with young children.
  • You really would like to work with toddlers (today!)? Good! There is an internship in your first year of study. This will give you a thorough introduction. With a lot of coaching, of course.
  • We work with groups of maximum 12 students. You will have your study programme coach. Questions of problems? There is a student counsellor and a mediator who will gladly help you.
  • Classes are in small groups, not in big auditoria.
  • Your internship will start at the beginning of the year; you’ll stay in one school. This will allow you to become a team player.
  • Go west. Or south, north or east. International experience is golden ticket to a great career. And it’s fun, too.
  • Travel to great cities – Amsterdam, Berlin, Oslo … - during the flex weeks.
  • A KdG-teacher’s degree will get you a job in education, in any school. For tenure in a catholic school you will need to provide a baptismal certificate.
  • Our teachers care about you. Talk to them. They will monitor you closely. Together you will go on a quest and find the teacher that you want to become.
  • Do you already have a professional or academic bachelor or master? This programme will allow you a shortened flex study programme, as an evening class.