Studying + top-level sports

You want to study further and at the same time continue practising your sport at a high level? In that case, an individual learning certificate with individual measures can increase your chances of success!

To be considered eligible, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • Recognised as an athlete by the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC)
  • Recognised as an athlete by the Flemish Sports Federation (VSF)
  • Regularly selected for national teams in your age group
  • Regular participant in international competitions
  • Active athlete competing in the highest division
  • Recognised as a promising athlete
  • Qualify or be selected for participation in the Universiade or the World University Championships

Sports that are considered eligible:

  • Included in the list of top-level sports of the Flemish sports agency Bloso/Sport Vlaanderen
  • Not included in the list of top-level sports of Bloso/Sport Vlaanderen, but practised by top athletes participating in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, European Youth Olympic Days and World Games
  • On the list of the Universiade or World University Championships

How can you demonstrate this?

You can prove that your sporting level meets the above-mentioned criteria with documents such as:

  • Proof of sports club membership
  • Proof of national selection
  • Overview of training hours and competitions
  • Etc.

How do you apply for an individual learning certificate with individual measures?

An application for an individual learning contract must always be initiated by you, as a student.

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