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University College Education and Examination Regulations

The University College Education and Examination Regulations establish rules concerning the education, examination and the legal position of the student for this academic year.

This is a binding study contract determined by decree and concluded by the individual student and the university college.

ECTS course catalogue

In order to measure and compare the learning achievements and to transfer them from one institution to another one, the European Community has developed a useful tool which will guarantee academic recognition: the European Community Course Credit Transfer System (ECTS). It is a credit system based on the students’ workload which involves lectures, practicals and self-study, in other words it includes all work needed to prepare for an examination. The basic allocation of the academic credit system is 60 credits per year of study or 30 credits per semester. Each credit represents a workload of around 25 hours.

The ECTS course catalogue gives an overview of all the courses of a specific study programme. It includes the content, evaluation method, goals,… of each course. It is an essential part of the University College Education and Examination Regulations.

Student Services @ KdG: Stuvo

From problem solving to helping you filling in your spare time. Stuvo is there for you.

We can help you with study related questions but can also give you legal advice. Next to that we organise great cultural and sports activities and offer promotions.

Stuvo has got its own website.

Erasmus Student Network

ESN Antwerp is the most multi-cultural student club you’ll find in Antwerp, which definitely completes an Erasmus experience.

The club welcomes all Erasmus-students and other foreign students to Antwerp.

They try to get you settled; help you out with whatever practical problems you may encounter. Apart from that, they try to learn you more about student life as we know it here in Belgium, with all its rich traditions.

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Automatic installation (Vista, 7 & 8)

Download the automatic configurationscript (exe 211kb) and open it. Installation doesn't work? Move over to the manual installation:

Manual installation
  • Windows Vista: manual (pdf 2,4mb)
  • Windows 7: manual (pdf 735kb)
  • Windows 8 en hoger: manual (pdf)

Root certificate for Windows (cer 1kb)

Mac and Linux

Root certificate for Mac and Linux (crt 1kb)

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