Student issues, personal problems and ombuds

Student issues and personal problems 

Each campus has its own student counsellors. They are there specifically for you: tell them about your question, issue or problem and they will help you further.

Social-legal guidance

Need for specific coaching due to a learning disability, fear of failure or a disorder? 

  • If you want to combine studying and working, we offer individual measures for adjusting lecture timetables and exam schedules.
  • If you need legal advice, we guide you through the ins-and-outs of child benefit, subsistence income, maintenance obligation or rent disputes.

All information can be found via KdG Stuvo

Psychosocial counselling

If you are feeling low or down in the dumps for any reason, please don’t hesitate to ask for advice. You may contact the student counsellor on your campus or at KdG Stuvo in complete discretion.


If there is a problem that you cannot solve via the concerned university college staff member (lector, lecturer, student counsellor, Student Office staff, etc.), please contact your ombuds. Go through our regulations to see how we handle complaints or resolve material errors.

Healthy living and studying

  • Student doctor: need a doctor? If so, please contact your student counsellor. He or she will have a list of the doctors close to your campus.
  • Blood donation campaign: there’s no need to be nervous, you will hardly feel the needle! Instead you get a chance to do something socially responsible and perhaps save someone's life.
  • Condom dispensers: safety above all, as well as under the sheets. Zazoo condoms are available at every campus via the candy dispensers. Not to be mistaken for candy!
  • Prevention: you will find numerous brochures on (mental) health, nutrition, sexuality, drugs, etc. in the Infotake cupboard at the campus and in the brochure cupboard at KdG Stuvo.