Study programme-related initiatives

Depending on your study programme, you can also benefit from the following initiatives:

  • Peer tutoring: senior students act as tutors for first-year students in certain subjects
  • Initial assessment: you take a test at the start of the first year. Depending on your result, you can get additional support, follow the regular programme or take your courses at a faster pace.
  • Start2Study: you study twice a week in a group, under the guidance of an experienced coach
  • ‘Someone has to be first’ (info in Dutch): pioneering first-year students try to inspire Antwerp pupils by sharing with them, via letters and video messages, their story of how they found their way to higher education. By doing this, these students also gain greater insight into how they can further improve their study methods.
  • Study Success Coach: additional guidance with respect to the study plan, study method, exam preparation, etc.
  • Individual reflection meetings after your exams
  • Job application training for final-year students
  • Study method: learning groups and individual sessions
  • Individual learning routes: maths, spelling, language skills, voice and speech, language policy, anatomy, physiology, etc.
  • Coffee with a Prof: one-on-one coaching on mathematics from an expert
  • Etc.