Curriculum Multimedia & Communication Technology

Year 1

60 credits

NxT Entrepreneurship for Digital Nomads

(12 credits)

You will familiarise yourself with the essential tools needed for a digital nomad: 

Science, technology and society: Our seminars and workshops will focus on fundamental technological, philosophical, sociological and ethical concepts. Listen, learn, and exchange ideas. Take a lateral approach, develop your critical thinking and broaden your outlook.

Intercultural communication and intercultural teamwork: Globally-minded professionals bring a broad skill set to the table. We will grow your confidence, teach you to appreciate differences of opinion, help you find common ground and recognize when a compromise is the way forward.

Entrepreneurial essentials: We concentrate on brainstorming, producing lean business models, and teaching you how to pitch and manage your time efficiently.

Creative games

(12 credits)

Get your first taste of basic programming, the principles of graphic design and storytelling. Create a simple storyboard for a game and learn about the use of digital tools for visual communication.

Interactive Media Design

(12 credits)

You will work as part of a team discovering the possibilities of digital marketing. Start by building your first interactive websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Master different storytelling techniques, and explore the principles of UX/UI design to ensure the web browsing experience is user friendly.

Virtual and real-life makers

(12 credits)

Set up your own design and development strategy, and work with microcontrollers to turn your concept into reality. During this project, you will immerse yourself in our FabLab.

Use sensors and small motors to make setups, enabling your model to perform a variety of tasks – grip, move and pick up things. Build digital 3D models, and bring them to life using 3D prints, laser cutting, animated film, or your own virtual environment.

Walking as a virtual nomad

(12 credits)

Virtual reality transports people to new places and brings a new dimension to familiar surroundings. This project sees you create your own virtual experience.

Deepen your understanding of real-time 3D applications. Learn how to import 3D models, embed video recordings and animations, and programme interactivity. Then bring them to life with lighting, sound and visual effects.

Year 2

This is your chance to create and design. Write interesting and compelling narratives, drawing on different technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to find solutions to real-life challenges. User experience is key to everything you do this year. 

60 credits

Creation and experience

(10 credits)

As a digital strategist, you need to generate workable ideas that meet specific customer needs. In this module you will create digital 3D content with a clear focus on the experience of the users. Working in teams of two, you will build interactive and virtual experiences for specific clients. Compelling storytelling is key.

Technology and entrepreneurship

(10 credits)

Technological progress has given us the means to optimise the way we live and work, from developing and refining microchips and sensors to testing new wireless communication technologies.

In this project you will experience life as an entrepreneur, using Future Design Thinking to tackle a societal challenge. Devise an innovative technological solution, while we help you grasp the basics of entrepreneurship. Then develop your concept into a viable start-up, ready to pitch to a panel of potential investors.  

Business and interaction

(10 credits)

Work in a creative agency-like environment, create bleeding-edge experiences, stay at the forefront of innovation and drive consumer engagement with new immersive advertising.

Find out how multimedia is used in different settings – combining different forms of media to reach your audience and build brand recognition.

Personal research project

(10 credits)

Choose your own research topic featuring at least one interactive, digital or technological component. Experiment, explore new materials, methods, and disciplines to demonstrate you have grasped the latest NxT media technological developments.

Becoming a digital strategist

(10 credits)

Ever considered how large companies bring radical, groundbreaking innovations to market? Or how entrepreneurs turn an idea into a viable business? Or perhaps you want to know more about innovation management and entrepreneurship?

Choose two of the following electives:

  • Online marketing essentials
  • New product development
  • New technology – what’s NxT?
  • Digital storytelling

Creativity and technology of the future

(10 credits)

Advance your STEM skills in line with developments in the engineering and tech industries. Here creativity is key.  

Choose two of the following electives:

  • Principles of game design
  • Motion graphics
  • Advanced AV production

Year 3

60 credits

Individual research project

(10 credits )

This is your final project before embarking on your internship or start-up venture. It is time to showcase your knowledge acquired during the last two years. You can either choose your own topic or one provided by our own business contact.

Choose between StartUp pathway or Strategic pathway

(20 credits)
StartUp pathway:
  • The Project XL – Start up your Start Up (12 credits)
  • Business Essentials (8 credits)

Strategic pathway:

  • Company project: digital transformation (12 credits)
  • Essential tools for a digital strategist (8 credits)
Choose between your own StartUp or an Internship


(30 credits)

Budding entrepreneurs pitch their business proposals to our panel of experts. Only those who achieve student entrepreneur status are given the go-ahead to use the internship to pursue their own venture.


(30 credits)

You will spend 16-weeks abroad, working in a company of your choice and designing a digital transformation strategy that works for them. International students can choose an internship in Belgium, since they are already abroad.


Study Exchange

If you want to broaden your outlook, you can choose to spend your first semester at a European university or one further afield. If you opt for this exchange programme, it will replace the Individual Research Project, and either the Startup Pathway or Strategic Pathway modules.

* Please note the programme content may be subject to change.