Terms and conditions: Win a trip to Antwerp

1. General

These contest rules define the rules concerning the conditions of participation in the online contest linked to Win a trip to Antwerp organised by KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts (KdG) via its website. These competition rules do not apply to other competitions organised by KdG.

KdG vzw is an educational institution within higher education in Flanders, with its registered office at 2018 Antwerp (Belgium), Brusselstraat 45.

1.1 No correspondence can be entered into about the result of an Action.

1.2 For questions and comments about the competition, the participant can write to KdG at study@kdg.be

2. Conditions of entry

2.1 By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to these competition terms and conditions.

2.2 The competition is for candidate students who have met KdG at an international education fair.

  • Participant is considering studying at KdG.
  • Participant wants to start studying in September 2023.
  • Participant is between 17 and 25 years old.

Minors may participate in an online contest only if they have the express permission of a parent or guardian. If a minor participates in a contest, KdG assumes that he/she/they has permission from his/her/their parent/guardian. If the minor is unable to provide this consent, he/she/they may be denied further participation in the competition or be deprived of his/her/their right to a prize at any time.

2.3 Except for any communication costs associated with participation (e.g.: paid landline number, SMS, MMS,...), the participant does not owe any fee or contribution to KdG for participation in a competition.

2.4 Anyone who wins a prize without fully complying with all participation conditions will automatically lose their right to the prize, without compensation and without any recourse.

3. Contest progression

3.1 The contest runs from 22 September 2022 to 11 November 2022.

3.2 Winners will be notified via their specified e-mail address.

3.3 Participants who do not win will not be notified.

3.4 If we do not hear from the winner within 3 working days, or if our messages are not responded to within 3 working days, KdG is entitled to choose a new winner.

3.5    If the winner refuses to accept the prize, KdG is entitled to choose a new winner.

3.6 The competition can be found at http://www.kdg.be/en/unlock. The contest involves a question. The participant is asked to enter the correct answer. If several participants submit a correct answer, the winner will be determined by drawing lots from all participants with the correct answer.

3.7 For participation, first name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, place of residence and country are requested from the participant.

3.8 You can only participate once.

4. Prize

4.1 The prize to be won is a trip to Antwerp. The prize will be given away to a maximum of 6 participants. The prize consists of:

  • Return ticket to Antwerp (Belgium) by train or plane (with 1 piece of hand luggage) from nearest train station/airport of residence.  KdG and the winner discuss the best route options together. KdG has final say over the route and tickets.
  • 3 nights in a hostel in Antwerp (place of stay will be determined by KdG).
  • 3x breakfast in hotel or hostel in Antwerp.
  • 1x dinner.
  • Tour of the KdG campus(es).
  • One trial class at KdG on the programme of your choice.
  • City walk through Antwerp.

4.2 The date of the trip to Antwerp is: Wednesday 8 February 2023 – Saturday 11 February 2023. The winner will arrive in Antwerp on 8 February and depart on 11 February.

4.3 There will be 6 winners. KdG will receive them together at the same time in Antwerp. They stay in the same hostel and follow the same daily programme.

4.4 The prize won is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else. The prize cannot be exchanged or converted into cash.

4.5 KdG may at any time for production or content reasons, change the content of the prize.

4.6 If the prize includes the right of admission to participate in a certain activity (such as an event, guided visit,...) then the prize also includes only that right of admission, unless otherwise stated. It is the organiser of the activity who determines the conditions. For example, he can ask to be present at a certain time or place, limit the right of access in time or impose age restrictions. KdG cannot be held responsible for the fact that the winner does not meet the competition conditions.

4.7 KdG is not responsible for problems with plane tickets, train tickets, conditions at airports and train stations. KdG is not responsible for any strikes, covid or anything that can unexpectedly happen that prevents the candidate student from being able to travel.The winner is not entitled to a reimbursement or rebooking of their tickets  by KdG even if the trip cannot take place.  

4.8 The winner is not entitled to reimbursement or to rebook of tickets after it had been booked by KdG in case he wants to change or cancel the trip or in the event that he is unable to join the trip.

5. Liability of KdG

5.1 KdG is not responsible for possible damages, physical injuries or accidents that might occur as a result of winning a prize and/or participating in the competition.

5.2 KdG is not responsible for the inability to deliver a prize if the participant provided insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details when participating.

5.3 Printing, spelling, typesetting or other errors as well as technical problems (including e-mail communication) cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation on the part of KdG.

5.4 If KdG is forced to postpone, shorten or withdraw a competition, change the competition rules or adjust the competition formula, KdG cannot be held liable in any way for this.

5.5 KdG is not liable for any incidents that might arise from the winner's acceptance of the prize. KdG cannot be held responsible or liable for any defect in the prize or if the prize does not meet the expectations created.

5.6 The exclusion or limitation of KdG's liability in this article is without prejudice to the fact that KdG will in all cases be liable for its willful act or serious fault or that of its employees or agents or for the non-performance of the main obligations under the competition.

6. Personal data

6.1 Participants' personal data will be processed by KdG in accordance with the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).

All personal data communicated by the participant as part of the competition will be processed solely for the purpose of participation in the competition and the awarding of prizes. After the end of the competition and after the final termination of the awarding of the prizes (in accordance with the provisions of 2.1, 2.3 and 5.3, among others), the personal data will be destroyed. Proof of this destruction (declaration on honour) can be requested by e-mail to privacy@kdg.be

6.2 Participants agree by their participation that if they win a prize, KdG may take and use photos, videos, audio materials and all other content made during the trip to Antwerp for any publicity purpose.

7. Supervision of competition and decisions

7.1 KdG will supervise the correct conduct of the competition. In case all conditions of the rules are not met or in case of abuse, deception, cheating or bad faith, KdG reserves the right to exclude the participant concerned from the competition and also to exclude the participant  - permanently or not - for other competitions - online or otherwise - of KdG.

In such cases, KdG also reserves the right to ask the participant for the return of any prize already handed over and to claim compensation for damages suffered by KdG (including image damage).

7.2 The result of a competition is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be contested. No correspondence (by letter, e-mail or telephone) can be entered into with KdG or the organiser of a competition about the results and the course of a competition. Decisions designating winners are final.

8. The Rules

8.1 By participating in KdG online competitions, the participant fully accepts these competition rules and all decisions that KdG will make in connection with the competition. All additional announcements in connection with the contest shall be considered point of rules.

8.2 If required, KdG may amend these General Competition Rules. These rules will be published on the KdG website and can be printed there if required.