Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship


  • Je hebt al een diploma handelswetenschappen, bedrijfskunde, industriële wetenschappen, technologie, fotografie, grafisch ontwerp … behaald. Of je hebt al wat werkervaring in die gebieden.
  • Ondernemen zit je in het bloed, creativiteit heb je in de vingers en je brein is gedrenkt in multimediaal talent.
  • Aan het einde van deze navorming zal je glimmen van trots, niet alleen omdat je je multidisciplinaire competenties hebt verfijnd (programmeren, een businessplan schrijven …), maar ook omdat je zin hebt gekregen om je eigen bedrijf op te starten.
  • Overal ter wereld kan je terecht: deze vorming is de perfecte inleiding tot een internationale carrière.
  • Taal? English spoken!
  • Ervaren professionals en toegewijde docenten begeleiden je door deze navorming.
  • Wanneer? Van september tot januari in dagonderwijs.


Je kiest één of meerdere modules. Per geslaagde module krijg je een creditbewijs. Slaag je voor alle modules, dan krijg je een certificaat.

Course Overview

Mandatory composite courses
Digital Media Production
10 credits

We work here in a composite training unit, in which we offer two courses in which you acquire skills and knowledge (Camera & Content Creation + AV Postproduction). In the third integration course, you will perform an authentic assignment where the things you have learned come together nicely. As an extra, you will also learn to cooperate, self and project management, dealing with customers...

Camera & Content Creation (3 credits)

An image (and sound recording) says more than a thousand words. You tell stories with a camera and microphone. One day on the street in the middle of a big city, the next in a green key studio, and then again just behind your laptop. You find the right audiovisual form for every story to be told and are only satisfied with strong content!

AV Postproduction (3 credits)

You get to work with image and sound recordings that have already been made. Your habitat is the editing cell. You will therefore master a multitude of post-production tools; Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects will hold no secrets for you. You make sure that beautiful raw images become top quality and you know how to improve recordings that are not ideal. Fix it in post!

Integration Project (4 credits)

You will be given an authentic customer assignment where you will create a commercial together with them.

Technology & Entrepreneurship (Start up your Start Up)
10 credits

Proof of concept (3 credits)

You learn how important desk research is in the development and substantiation of a (media and entertainment) concept, product, or service. Trough theoretical lessons, examples, and individual and group assignments, you learn different search and processing strategies to find existing information (such as literature, trends, data, research, etc.) and test it for relevance. You learn how to interpret and process that existing information critically and correctly (for example in a paper). You will learn what plagiarism is and how to correctly apply the APA reference style.

We go through all steps in the research process: determining the research objective and questions and drawing up a research plan, choosing the appropriate research method, collecting and processing data, and reporting the results.

Online marketing essentials (3 credits)

After taking this course, you will know the basics of social media marketing and can apply them in practice. You can work with Google Analytics to draw conclusions in order to optimize online marketing. You’ll know the functioning of online acquisition (SEO, SEA, email marketing, display, ...) and can formulate an SEO advice.

Behold the online opportunity: the evolution of the web, the evolution of the customer journey, online marketing vs traditional marketing, the conversion funnel, STDC framework , the GDPR.

  • Work on: content creation: copywriting & image creation for the web.
  • Integrate social media marketing: strategy, tactics & analysis.
  • What about Email Marketing?
  • How to be found? The basics of SEO.
  • How to advertise? SEA, display, YouTube & social advertising.
  • How to analyse? Google analytics.

Integration Project (4 credits)

Create your own startup! Think of a product or service that you will put on the market. You pit for a jury of investors, will you get your funding?

New Technology – What’s NxT?
5 credits

Do concepts like Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Wearables tickle your fancy? Are you always curious about the latest or are you simply visionary? Do you want to be a pioneer in the Media Technology sector? Then NxT Technology is all about you. You go in search of the NxT big thing. You will visit companies, start-ups and incubators. You go to conferences, festivals and meetups. You crave knowledge and want to be ready for the new (digital) world. You do this by scouting for new technology both online and offline. In this profession, you eat, sleep and drink new technology.

5 credits

You can turn an idea into a working model with sensors, actuators, intelligence in embedded systems, smartphones, and you are a real maker. You tinker with mechanics, housings and integrate the electronics and peripherals into a beta version.

New Product Development
5 credits

This course will give you a holistic view of the new product development arena and will help you gain specific knowledge in how to select, plan, monitor and control a new product development project, using the proper tools and techniques.

You will familiarise yourself with the 8 stages of new product development process: Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Business and Marketing Strategy Development, Product Development, Test Marketing, and Commercialization.

Motion Graphics
5 credits

Prepare graphics and illustrations for animation. You'll work with existing designs (logo's, maps, icons, ...) and self-made illustrations. Be basic principles of animation. You'll move the separated parts of your designs on screen. You will learn the basic principles of Motion Graphics on the basis of short individual assignments.

Once you have mastered it, you can choose the techniques and methods you prefer to work with. In this way you compile a portfolio of smaller screen graphics and slightly more extensive projects over the course of time. This portfolio can look different for each student depending on your choices and focus.

In this course you can also make motion graphics in consultation with the teachers to clarify projects from other (optional) courses with moving graphics.

Language course
Dutch Foreign Language level 1A

KdG offers free Dutch language courses for all exchange students:

  • Evening classes 
  • Courses take place at the Faculty of Management & IT at Campus Groenplaats, in the center of Antwerp
  • You can choose whether you would like to do the course for credits (thus part if your learning agreement) or without credits.


Je sluit aan bij de groep van internationale studenten die het uitwisselingsprogramma ‘Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship’ volgen. Je volgt samen met hen de lessen en neemt deel aan dezelfde evaluaties.


De kostprijs hangt af van het aantal modules waarvoor je je inschrijft.

Je schrijft in voor een creditcontact per module. Het aantal studiepunten (ECTS) staat vermeld bij elke module.

Per studiepunt betaal je een bepaald bedrag.
Check de studiegeld-tarieven.