Manifesto, mission, vision, strategy and values


How will you make a difference?

This is the question we ask every KdG student.
What would you like to achieve? Where do you want to be?
And how do you want to contribute to the world?

Everyone can make a difference
And we are committed to helping and developing:
the problem-solvers of the future
the creative minds
the entrepreneurs
the people who will help others and our planet

With every step you take, you can be your best and reach your ambition
No matter who you are, where you’re from, or where you want to go
You can make a difference
For yourself and for others
Because by being the best you can, you’ll give something back.

But you can’t achieve this overnight.
You’ll need the room to grow and you will find this at KdG
You’ll have room to learn the theory
And to put it into practice
You’ll have the room to innovate and experiment
You’ll have the room to be yourself and most importantly to ask questions
Because from great questions come great answers

So, how will you make a difference?

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How KdG sees the world and its place in it

Society progresses when everyone is given the same chance to develop.

We believe that everyone can grow and that everyone can have a positive impact on our society and on our planet. This happens in an environment in which each individual is given an equal chance to discover and develop their potential. And, rooted in our Christian foundations, this is the environment which we create at KdG; an environment built upon inclusiveness.


The added value that KdG wants to give to society and to the lives of its stakeholders.


KdG offers everyone the opportunity to grow and make a difference.

With our highly diverse community, KdG offers a welcoming living, learning and working environment. Everyone can play their part and be heard, respected and valued. We are accessible and recognisable. And you can see and feel that in everything we do: respect for everyone, regardless of age, social class, heritage or gender. Diversity is a fact, inclusiveness is our choice.


KdG sets the tone for the future

KdG looks forward, with daring and with a view to innovation. This approach comes with obligations. We don’t want to be the first but we aspire to be the best, always in sync with professional practice and an evolving society. You can see that in our study programmes, in the research that we conduct and in the collaborations we create with our partners.


KdG focuses on building the strongest community

KdG chooses the strongest possible community of students, partners and staff members. Connection and dialogue are central. We share and enhance each other’s strengths. Our campuses and online environments are organised as open and vibrant spaces to meet and learn.

We cherish our partnerships and are always happy to welcome new collaborators into the KdG community. We build a strong and future-proof network and strive to have as positive an impact as possible.


KdG seeks answers to the world’s major issues

Inspired and fuelled by the vibrant economic, cultural and diverse environment of Antwerp, we look beyond. We challenge our students and staff to learn from each other in a globalised world. By connecting with international partners in education and global professional practice, we look for the solutions to the world’s major issues. We stay focussed on and celebrate the international and intercultural competencies of the KdG community.


KdG builds green prosperity and green well-being

We are focused on responsible consumption and production, and on a sustainable infrastructure. Together we support ecological prosperity and a healthy green well-being. We deal sustainably with food, energy, mobility, water and waste, amongst other things. Everyone connected to KdG is aware of this and promotes this important commitment.

Strategy plan 21-25

In 2021 the KdG governing body approved the strategy plan 21-25. In it, we give priority to achieving four breakthrough areas:

KdG Academy is the reference for professionalisation

KdG Academy is our quality label for lifelong professional development. With it, we broaden and deepen the KdG offer, based on the basic degree programmes in collaboration with our expertise centres.

KdG competencies as a springboard to the future

In addition to the technical competencies, KdG places four competencies at the heart of all our study programmes. We strengthen personal leadership, global competencies, digital and technological literacy and sustainability competencies. This is educating and developing with a view to the future.

KdG study programmes are a fertile ground for authentic learning

KdG puts maximum emphasis on learning in authentic, real-life, practice-oriented contexts across all disciplines. We work in different ways so that authentic learning forms a common thread throughout all our curricula. We place even more emphasis on developing learning labs, in close collaboration with our professional practice, and  our partners in education.

KdG research goes all out for sustainable impact

With a sharper focus, KdG’s practical scientific research contributes to solutions and to social issues.


We are:

  • Inclusive
  • Leading
  • Connected
  • Solution-oriented
  • Engaged