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All the terms and conditions as listed below relate to this website, the website of the Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Katholieke Hogeschool Antwerpen vzw (hereinafter referred to as "KdG") with domain name www.kdg.be and www.cvwarehouse.com/kdg/jobsite, as well as to all websites and/or subsites and/or web pages that were already developed by KdG, or will be developed in the future by KdG (hereinafter referred to as "website"). As soon as you access or use the websites, you are deemed to have read and expressly agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to the contents of these terms of use, please do not visit the website any longer.

If any provision of these terms of use is not applicable or contrary to a mandatory provision of law, this non-applicability will not affect the validity or applicability of the other provisions.

Access to the website and its use

KdG will see to it, to the extent that it is possible, that there will be access to the website at all times, but without any guarantee in this regard. However, this access may be interrupted for any reason without prior notice or justification from KdG.

The user is responsible for the proper functioning of his computer system and internet access. The user expressly agrees not to disrupt the optimal functioning and security of the website, for example by viruses and/or other harmful files or by using data and/or by accessing files or data for which he has no access.

KdG reserves the right at all times to refuse a user partial or complete access to the website, unilaterally and without prior notification or motivation. The user can in no way hold KdG liable for this.

The user is forbidden to partly or completely change, remove, replace and/or improve any information that KdG makes available on the website.

Guarantees and liability

The website is intended to make general information available about KdG. It is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and can therefore not be regarded as personal, professional, legal advice or any equivalent of this to the user.

Although KdG endeavours to provide information that they believe to be current and correct, KdG does not guarantee that all that information is appropriate, correct and complete, nor that the website is comprehensive.

KdG cannot under any circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damage that could result from: a) the consultation and/or the use of the information on the website or websites to which this website refers, is offered or b) the absence of specific information. Nor does KdG guarantee that the website or server that makes the website available is free of computer viruses.

KdG is not responsible for the contents of the vacancies that are submitted by the employers on the job site. KdG cannot be held liable for the contents of the vacancies, the accuracy of the information, or for direct or indirect damage arising from the information that is offered in these vacancies.

KdG has the right to change, enhance and/or remove the contents of the website at all times and without prior notice.

KdG can place on its website links to other websites. KdG has no responsibility or obligation at any time, however, to examine, evaluate or provide any guarantees with respect to the contents of these websites. KdG can under no circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by consulting and/or using the information contained on the above-mentioned websites.

 The user is forbidden to place links to the website of KdG without the prior written consent of KdG. 

If KdG will have to bear costs or will have costs imposed upon it as a result of abuse of this website or any breach of these terms of use by the user, the user undertakes to indemnify KdG against all costs, claims, loss and damage (including legal fees).

Intellectual property law

The user has the right to consult and download the information on the website (including all editorial material, informative texts, photographs, illustrations, drawings and other graphic material, names, logos, commercial brands and other brands) for personal use only and to reproduce this, provided the source is stated, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 30 June 1994 concerning copyright and related law.

This permission does not apply for texts for which there is an explicit restriction in use. For the reproduction or use of multimedia information (audio, images, software, etc.) the prior written consent of KdG is always required.

Under no circumstances may the user use the contents of the website for commercial purposes, nor distribute or convey it to third parties, whether or not for profit, without the express prior written consent of KdG.

KdG retains all current and future intellectual property rights for the website and the information made available on it.


All communications, information, data, material, etc. that the user provides, unrequested and at own initiative, to the administrator of the website of KdG, including the data or comments relating to the contents of this website, will be regarded by KdG as not  confidential. KdG declines any obligation concerning responding to above-mentioned announcements, general responses and information. KdG has the right to use at its own discretion all the above-mentioned communications, reactions and data, taking into account the restrictions stipulated in the Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.

The user agrees that KdG may use for any purpose the ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques contained in the information, data, material, etc. provided by him to KdG.


The website also makes use of "cookies": small information files that are automatically saved on the hard disk of the user. This information helps to make the user's visit to the website faster and more efficient.

If the user switches off the use of cookies in his browser, KdG not guarantee the correct functioning of the website.

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Applicable law and jurisdiction

All disputes related to or arising from (the use of) the website and the application and interpretation of these terms of use, are governed by Belgian law, in which the law courts of the Antwerp judicial district have sole jurisdiction.

Contact details

For any questions regarding the contents and/or use of the website, the user may contact webmaster@kdg.be.

Privacy statement of Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Katholieke Hogeschool Antwerpen vzw

  • Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Katholieke Hogeschool Antwerpen vzw (KdG), with its head office in Brusselstraat 45, 2018 Antwerpen, is committed in the collection and processing of your personal data to observe the provisions of the Act of 8 December 1992 for the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data.
  • KdG collects and processes your personal data solely for the purpose of providing information in connection with its activities (courses, research and services to the community). The information you receive can include information relating to the training courses, study days, lectures, degree programmes, services or research projects that KdG provides in collaboration with third parties.
  • The data KdG collects and processes about you may include:
    • Your name and first name;
    • Your contact details (address, telephone, fax, e-mail);
    • Information about your professional activities (your job, sector);
    • Information about your participation in previous activities provided by KdG (nature of the activity, subject, assessment, ...);
  • KdG guarantees that the processing of personal data is limited to the described objective and described personal data.
  • KdG does not make your personal data known to third parties, unless it is necessary for the organisation of its above activities in collaboration with third parties.
  • KdG will take the best possible security measures to prevent third parties from gaining illegal access to your personal data or misusing it.
  • KdG expressly respects your right to:
    • oppose the further processing of your personal data;
      access your personal data; correct or update incorrect or outdated personal data;

You may exercise your rights free of charge. To this end, you can contact the person responsible for processing your personal data:
Karel de Grote Hogeschool2 vzw Dienst Onderzoek en Dienstverlening, Brusselstraat 45, 2018 Antwerpen

  • KdG reserves the right to modify at all times the above privacy policy, provided you are informed of this in advance. You retain at all times your right of objection, access and improvement.
  • If you would like more information regarding the regulations concerning the processing of personal data, you can contact the committee for the protection of privacy.

General conditions for registering for seminars, trainings or events

Article 1: Registration and payment

1.1 Registering for the seminar, training or event can only be done via the specified web page by completing the online application form.

1.2 You can only qualify for participation in the workshop, training or event once you have paid the registration fee. KdG can at all times ask you for proof of payment. The registration fee is due after your enrolment has been registered. The registration fee should be paid in full even if you do not or only partially participate in the seminar, training or event, unless you have cancelled in time and correctly in accordance with the provisions of Article 2.

1.3 If upon receipt of your application form, the maximum number of participants has already been reached, you will be informed of this in writing or via e-mail. In that case, you can be included on the waiting list.

1.4 KdG reserves the right to cancel the seminar, training or event if there are insufficient registrations or in other cases of force majeure, for example, when a speaker has become unavailable.

1.5 KdG reserves the right at any time to change the programme unilaterally without prior notice.

Article 2: Cancellation

2.1 Cancellations must always be done by the participant by e-mail to mdo.events@kdg.be.

2.2 The registration fee will only be refunded if a cancellation is made by e-mail at least 2 weeks before the start of the seminar, training or event with a deduction of €25 administration costs. In the event of cancellation after 2 weeks before the start of the seminar, training or event, the participant has to pay the full registration fee to Karel de Grote University College and will not receive a refund.

2.3 In the event of cancellation by the Karel de Grote University College as described in Article 1.4, the registration fee will be refunded in full, but there is no extra compensation for the registered participants.

2.4. These provisions in connection with cancellation apply as general conditions. KdG reserves the right, taking into account the nature and specific conditions of the seminar, training or event, to impose special, differing or additional conditions relating to the cancellation. KdG ensures that the participant is informed of these special conditions prior to his registration.

Article 3: Applicability of the terms and conditions

3.1 By sending the completed registration form you declare that you are familiar with these conditions of enrolment and fully and irrevocably agree to these.

3.2 These conditions and the registration form constitute the entire agreement. Changes and/or additions are only possible after being presented in writing and upon mutual agreement.


E-mails from staff of the Karel de Grote University College may contain confidential information and are therefore intended only for the recipient(s). If you receive an e-mail from one of our staff by mistake, please contact the sender and delete this e-mail including any attachments from all computers.

Please think of the environment: print our e-mails only if it is absolutely necessary.