Student onboarding

Welcome to our international community!

Here you will find all the essential information you need before beginning your studies at KdG in Antwerp. 

Our student services team is here to support you, from the moment you are accepted onto one of our programmes, and throughout your time at KdG. We’ll be your dedicated service and point of contact:

For students starting with us in September, you’ll also be invited to two interactive webinars where you will have the chance to ask any final questions.

What you have to look forward to when you arrive at KdG

  • Join a welcoming, diverse community of more than 100 nationalities
  • Settle into a thriving, diverse and unique European city
  • Get new skills and hands on experience
  • Begin to future proof your career
  • Grow and become your best
  • Be supported every step of the way by KdG lecturers and staff
  • Make friends and memories to last a lifetime

Starting a new chapter in your life is daunting but exciting and unforgettable. This is your time!

KdG has an open and friendly, human to human approach. No hierarchy. You can always approach your teachers and ask them for guidance or help on any matter.
Multimedia & Creative Technologies student
It’s the best! You could spend years studying intercultural communications and still you would learn more just being dropped in an international classroom.
Multimedia & Creative Technologies student
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