Cost of living as a student in Antwerp

So what does it cost to be a student in Antwerp? In simple terms: you can live comfortably for around 1000 euros per month.

The great thing about being a student is that you’ll join a community where you’ll learn to be clever with your budgeting. On this page:

  • You’ll see a typical up to date student budget.
  • There are loads of useful links to help you get an idea of prices
  • And KdG students will share some of their tips with you for keeping costs down.

You (and your parents) will get a realistic picture of the costs of being a student in this wonderful city.

Renting student accommodation in Antwerp

First and foremost, you’ll need a place to stay. Here’s what the average costs look like:

  • A furnished student room is on average 410 euros per month.
  • A studio with its own bathroom and kitchenette costs on average 515 euros per month.
  • An apartment costs on average 675 euros

  • These prices are based on a full academic year.

A student room is called a ‘kot’ in Belgium. Check Antwerp’s student housing service Kotweb for more info about living as a student in Antwerp.

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Additional housing costs

Additional costs include: gas, electricity, water, internet and a rental deposit.

  • For the utilities, budget around 50 euros per month.
  • The deposit is normally one to two months’ rent.
  • Insurance - health/property/third party  - 15 euros per month

Note: Wifi is sometimes included within your rent but there are many places to access free wifi in Antwerp, including of course the KdG campuses.

Budget tips: are often available on the STAN website for students in Antwerp, such as this feature on having an energy-efficient Winter.

Shopping and groceries

You can budget on average 240 euros per month for food and groceries. At the Numbeo-website you can get an idea of the cost of basic food products.

There is huge variety of choice in Antwerp:

  • For supermarkets you may already know Lidl and Aldi but other names to look out for are Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Delhaize and Colruyt.
  • When you arrive, find out where they are located close to where you live and check out the prices of the products that you typically buy.
  • In addition to the supermarkets you are never far from great bakeries and fresh fruit and veg shops.
  • As a city of 170 nationalities, Antwerp has the full range of choice that any student needs.

Tip! Check out the Mobile App Too Good to Go to get great value deals on a wide range of food. Plus you’ll help to stop food going to waste!

If you want to eat healthy and stay within budget, cooking for yourself is the best way to go.
Lea Sehling, student Applied Computer Science at KdG Antwerp
2nd year student & vegetarian


Antwerp has loads of cool vintage fashion stores so you can look the part for next to nothing.

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Getting around town is cheap and Antwerp is not that big. You’ll find you can get around a lot by foot and take in the beautiful surroundings and cool vibe.

  • Get on your bike: This is the preferred way to get around the city for most students. Cycling is usually faster than public transport. And healthy.
    • All you need to do is find a second hand bike on Facebook market place or at one of the many secondhand bike stores in Antwerp. This way your travel around town is virtually free.
    • If you only need to cycle occasionally, you have City Velo. These red bikes are a standard feature on the streets of Antwerp.
    • Swapfiets is another option in this bike-friendly city.
  • Public transport: Get a subscription for De Lijn and you can use the extensive bus and tram network that stretches throughout the whole city
  • Further travel: Belgian train provider NMBS has deals for students that are worth checking out.
  • And the Slim naar Antwerpen-website is the one to go to for all things transport and to find your way.
During the holidays, you can get a cheap ticket (Youth Holiday Ticket) that allows you to travel through all of Belgium! Well worth it.
Lisa-Marie - Student Multimedia & Creative Technologies
3rd year student & city hopper
KdG Antwerp (photo by Frederik Beyens)


Enjoy doing what you do at a low price:

  • Sport and fitness: From basketball to yoga, climbing to…midnight swimming. KdG offers students a sportsticker for 18 euros per year. And you can even reclaim this cost through your health insurance.
  • Culture vulture? Antwerp is overflowing with cultural attractions. Amazing art galleries and world-renowned museums. With an A card you can enjoy free access and student discount for many of these venues. You can get your A card for free at Antwerp libraries, museums and the visitor centre.
  • Library subscription: The Antwerp libraries also offer English books and e-books for 15 euros a year. You should pay a visit to the Permeke library for more information.
  • And there are always social and cultural events happening on campus for free. Our intranet and social media accounts will keep you engaged so that you can get involved.
  • Find more info about what you can do in Antwerp on the STAN website.
Get your sportsticker as an Antwerp student

Typical average monthly plan

A number of KdG students shared their budget. This is a typical average monthly plan to help you see all these costs in one place. Of course, these vary from person to person and there are plenty of ways to keep your costs down.

Cost Per month (euros)


Household bills (gas, electricity etc.) 80
Mobile phone subscription 15
Groceries 250


Hobbies 40
Social and entertainment 150
Study materials 10
Insurance 10
Clothes 25
Other 20
Total 1030