Students’ favourite places in Antwerp

At KdG we are super proud of our home city. So, we’d love to talk about it. And share some of our favourite places in Antwerp.

From atypical architecture to pretty parks and that renowned river - Antwerp has it all… an undeniable, unique charm. There’s A LOT to discover:

  • Bags of style and culture
  • Amazing shopping
  • Food and drink to die for!

Why not daydream and get some different angles on this varied, diverse and fun city. The #-hashtags on this page link to more photos on Instagram.

map of Antwerp

Best view in town

Venus, Multimedia student: “So when first arriving it’s great to start by going to the #masmuseum You can go to the rooftop for free and get a view of the whole city. I remember they placed desks in the museum with Study360, so students may study with this view."

View from Mas Museum: go to the rooftop for free and get a view of the whole city

Favourite parks in Antwerp

“This city is filled with amazing parks. My personal favourite is #droogdokkenpark with its view of the river.”


Park Spoor Noord

Park zuid

Park Zuid



Antwerp is a big city with plenty of fun things to do. And everything is easily accessible. It has a really cosy village vibe.
Alex Deltomme - KdG student Multimedia & Creative Technologies
Student Multimedia & Creative Technologies

So many cafes

Lisa, Multimedia student: "When I think of my favourite places to be, I tend to think of all the cafes! The Boba club is an amazing authentic bubble tea place and next door is Cuperus Katelijne - one of my favourite cafes to sit in and revitalise!"

Drink bubble tea in Antwerp

Bubble tea is always a good idea.

Drink some coffee at Cuperus Katelijne

Drink some coffee at Cuperus.

Find this hidden gem at Groenkwartier

Find this green hidden gem at Groenkwartier.

Old and new architecture

Alex, Multimedia student: "If you’re looking for an example of the clash between old and new… Look up Grote Markt: a plaza in the heart of Antwerp with restaurants and bars, overlooked by 16th century buildings and the majestic cathedral.

And in contrast - head to one of my favourite spots, @Bocadero - the biggest terrace in Antwerp where you can enjoy the good weather (in Spring and Summer) music, drinks and more with a beautiful view of the Scheldt.”


Street art everywhere

Alex: "Then, for a real urban feel, get to know the booming street art scene… Everywhere you look, whether in the city centre or on its fringe, you can spot masterpieces by well-known and lesser-known artists."

Follow a walking (or biking!) tour along the best street art in Antwerp with the Street art Antwerp app.

Street art in the streets of Antwerp
Street art in Antwerp
Street art in Antwerp

Must follow Instagram accounts

Want to see more of Antwerp? Then you should definitely follow these Instagram accounts:

It’s a very young city which contributes to the city life of course, very multicultural, with many new students every term so there are always people on the lookout for new friends, wanting to go and experience something!
Roxana KdG Student International Business Management
Student International Business Management
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