Working students

The combination of study and work is and remains a major challenge. Very often this means you won’t be able to attend lectures easily, if at all. If you combine a full-time degree programme at KdG with a job because you are responsible for your living expenses and study costs, either in part or in full, you may be eligible for a ‘social circumstances-employed’ status to help in this challenge! In order to assess the feasibility of combining work and study for your specific situation with respect to the degree programme you wish to follow, you should contact the study career counsellor of your degree programme. After all, different possibilities exist for each degree programme.

Which conditions are required

To be eligible, you must satisfy dhe following criteria:  

  • You are not following a specific track for working students. 
  • The income you earn is necessary for your living expenses and study costs, either in part or in full. 
  • You are in possession of proof of employment in a job amounting to at least 72 hours per month or half of a full-time job which is normal in that particular sector. 
  • The hours you perform at work fall within the academic year. 

How can you apply for an individual learning certificate?

Your application comprises the following steps:

  • Go to and register.
  • Click on ‘new application’ and then ‘individual learning certificate’. Fill out your application.
  • Upload your certificates/supporting documents if necessary.
  • Submit your application.
  • You will be assigned a contact person via email. Make an appointment with your contact person.
  • As a student you can follow the status of your application in your digital student file. If your application with individual study and examination arrangements is approved, you will find your individual learning certificate in your digital student file. You will be able to consult this certificate at all times there. Print the certificate to make use of special examination arrangements during the exams.

How can you demonstrate this? 

  • A contract of employment or a declaration from your employer showing that your job extends to at least 72 hours per month or 50% of what is normal in your sector. This document must be no more than 1 year old. The document must specify the period of employment (full-time/part-time) and the length of the contract (fixed-term/permanent). Information, such as exact earnings on a wage slip, does not, of course, have to be disclosed. 
  • Self-employed students must be able to demonstrate that they are carrying out their activities as part of their main job. This can be done, for example, using a document from the social insurance fund to which you are affiliated. 
  • A declaration from the VDAB showing that your degree programme is part of a VDAB training programme. 
  • Proof of a study grant from the Flemish Community showing the status of self-employed student. 

Do you have any further questions?

Please contact the study career counsellor of the degree programme for which you are enrolled.