Online information sessions

Join a online information session with a KdG lecturer and student

You’re invited to an informative and interactive online info session. Get the chance to ask your questions about your chosen international bachelor’s programme at KdG.

Find out who the programmes are for. Get examples of the subjects covered in class. Discover how you can prepare for the programme and what opportunities it will bring. And hear it all from the perspective of both lecturer and student!

Where and when?

  • Daily week commencing 24th April:
    • Monday 24th April: Applied Computer Science 
    • Tuesday 25th April: Global Business 
    • Wednesday 26th April: Multimedia & Creative Technologies 
    • Thursday 27th April: Global Supply Chain Management 
    • Friday 28th April: International Entrepreneurship
  • All sessions are from 16:00 to 17:00 CET
  • The sessions will be hosted in Microsoft Teams. 

Note: this session is tailored around the programme content. For questions about eligibility, how to apply or tuition fees, please check the website or send an email to

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