Antwerp Student Day

Dear student, today is your day. And not only this year, but every year from now on. Because this year it’s crystal clear that being a student is not always easy.

Online classes, no campus life, missing friends, stress, pressure ... And yet you cope, with ups and downs. You deserve a monument, your own day: Antwerp Student Day.
From now on we will celebrate it every year, to never forget what an exceptional generation you are.

This year we will focus on mental well-being. We’ll put different activities in the spotlight. On this page you will find a selection of the offer that is ready for you and that can help you in the coming months. Because the entire college/university stands with you!

Let's hope that together we can turn the 2022 edition of Antwerp Student Day into a real-life party.

We're almost there, really. Thank you for hanging in there.


Unbox your walk. Go on a walking adventure in Lier, Sint-Niklaas, Boom … together with KdG-students.

  • walking with 3 or 4 fellow students
  • walking routes in 12 Flemish regions
  • with a surprise package

Yes, I want to register for Wanderlust

Do you register individually? We will match you with other students based on your walking preferences.


Organized by KdG Studentenleven

Walk a dog

We have extended our partnership with the non-profit AAPVZW, organizing visits to students in Antwerp who need some distraction and social contact in these crazy times.

What better way to do that than having a dog over? Going for a walk, playtime or just taking a snapshot of you and your Corona-friendly contact.

Yes, I would like to walk a dog

Hond en meisje

2020 Socks

Well, we were to keep it a surprise, but we're spilling the beans now: every student will receive this pair of '2020 sokte' (2020 socked) socks.

They are in production and will soon be available in your campus shop (or at the front desk). That way, your first day back on campus will be one with a nice extra touch.

'2020 sokte'-sokken

Self-care in times of corona

The coronavirus is holding us all in its tight grip. In these turbulent times, it is ever so important to take good care of yourself.
What you feel is completely okay. Feeling lonely, unhappy, angry, scared, ... because of this pandemic, is a perfectly normal emotional response to an abnormal situation

Reach out to one of our counselors if you need a listening ear or a helping hand:

4 studenten met mondmasker

Whodunit? The murder game.

Can you find the killer? Solve the most exciting detective mystery.

  • in a team of 3 or 4 KdG-students
  • 60 minutes online gaming fun
  • analysing documents, scouring social media ...

Book the murder game

  • No teammates yet? We will match you to a KdG-team.
  • 1 euro per person.
whodunit - het moordspel

Organized by KdG Studentenleven

Toilet paper

And 3-ply at that. To send 2020 off in style.

The rolls are in production as we speak and will soon be available in your campus shop (or front desk).

We do ask a small contribution of 0.10 euro for these rolls. Not for us, the proceeds go to AWEL - they deserve it.


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