Register for open day: June 26

Soon you can visit us for real. Sounds good, and something we haven’t been able to say for a year. Of course, we still face limits with the number of spots* we can offer, but we’re happy all the same.
*(This means you can only bring one extra person.)

What you need to do:

 Make one booking per person:

  1. Choose which degree you want to visit.
  2. Your booking is valid for the whole campus.
    • So if you’re interested in programmes on more than one campus, make separate bookings (one per campus).
    • If the different programmes are on one campus, then one booking is sufficient.
  3. Fill in the form by choosing your start time and leaving your details.

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Campus Groenplaats: Applied Computer Science & International Business Management
Campus Hoboken: Multimedia & Creative Technologies
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