Student Council and participation

Are you looking for a pleasant study environment? Or a student-oriented university college?
Make it what you want it to be!

  • Not by complaining or shrugging your shoulders
  • But by making a constructive contribution to educational and university college policies
  • And, of course, by sharing good ideas

What’s the most effective way? Opt for the role of student representative.

  • Join the participation council of your study programme (study programme-related matters)
  • Join the participation council of the university college (academic matters)
  • Join the participation council for student services (KdG Stuvo)

Extra benefits for you? (No money or extra grades, but certainly an added value for your resume)

  • You learn to take responsibility
  • You learn about meeting and consultation techniques
  • You learn to weigh pros and cons quickly and effectively
  • You receive a certificate at the end of your mandate

Moreover, you get a chance to find out about all our various participation bodies within the KdG organisation chart.