High-quality education at KdG: you can count on that!

As a student of Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts (KdG), you are assured of practice-oriented, authentic education. You are sure to feel at home in our school with its dynamic and warm learning environment. Here, you will get ample opportunities to work together, explore and experiment and discover and develop your talents. We expect a lot from you and regularly provide you with supportive feedback to maximise your learning.

You and your learning form the starting point for our lecturers, who motivate, challenge and guide you through their passion and up-to-date knowledge of their field.

If you have a question or need any assistance, you always know where to get an answer. Both during and after your study, you work in a professional and innovative manner and make a sustainable contribution to society.

Systematic efforts to provide high-quality education

  • Degree programme teams work together with students, alumni and the professional field to create the form and content of the degree programmes offered by our University of Applied Arts and Sciences.
  • In this way, we ensure that our degree programmes are continuously improved and remain innovative. Priorities are established in annual action plans and long-term plans and the progress of these plans is systematically monitored.
  • Each degree programme carries out a critical self-reflection and records the findings every four years in a degree programme review.
  • The learning outcomes and the teaching and evaluation materials of a degree programme are evaluated each year in a focus group consisting of students, alumni, lecturers and representatives from the professional field.
  • Students provide feedback on the educational activities via the ‘learning gains indicator’.
  • Through various surveys, students, employees and alumni provide feedback on the strategy and the collegial and learning environment within the University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Identifying the results of our quality efforts

Every four years, each degree programme organises a discussion regarding the quality of the degree programme (= degree programme review) with a panel of internal and external parties. In the intervening years, the programme focuses continuously on further enhancing its quality via improvement processes. More information about these improvement processes and the reports of the degree programme reviews can be found on the KdG student portal.

Available (copy the URL of the link (right mouse button) and paste it into a new tab page or window):

Not yet available:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Bachelor Visual Arts
  • Advanced Bachelor’s programme Special Education Needs
  • Advanced Bachelor’s programme Geriatric Nursing
  • Advanced Bachelor’s programme Oncology
  • Advanced Bachelor’s programme Special educational needs and Remedial Teaching
  • Business Management
  • Photography
  • Teacher Education: Pre-Primary Education
  • Teacher Education: Primary Education
  • Teacher Education: Secondary Education
  • Advanced Master’s programme Research in Art and Design
  • Master Visual Arts
  • Multimedia and Communication Technology
  • Office Management
  • Social Educational Care Work
  • Applied Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Midwifery