High-quality education at KdG: you can count on that!

Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts (KdG) assures quality education. We continuously and systematically work on the quality of our institute and the education we provide. Therefore we implement quality assurance systems on all levels.

KdG Accreditation on an institutional level

  • KdG is recognised as a higher education institution by the Flemish government, and is periodically subject to an institutional review. The institutional review assesses whether a higher education institution pursues its educational policy in a qualitative manner, including the conduct for confirming the quality of its programmes.
  • The institutional review is organized by the NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) and conducted by a review panel of independent experts. Read more about this procedure.
  • On 21/08/2017 the NVAO took a fully positive decision, guaranteeing that the quality of the education at KdG is at an internationally and societally relevant level.
  • The next institutional review will be conducted in the academic year 2022-2023.

High-quality study programmes

Following our institutional recognition we set up a management system for educational quality:

  • In our quality framework (pdf), we show what high-quality education at KdG is about, based on the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the ESG.
  • Learning outcomes and the teaching and evaluation materials of our degree programmes are evaluated each year in a focus group consisting of students, alumni, lecturers and representatives from the professional field.
  • Each degree programme carries out a critical self-reflection and records the findings every four years in a degree programme review. In the review process a panel of external experts (representatives from the professional field, students and educational experts) evaluate the programme.
  • We ensure that our degree programmes are continuously improved and remain innovative. Priorities are established in annual action plans and long-term plans, while the progress of these plans is systematically monitored. We implement the PDCA-model to continuously improve.

Reports on the quality of our English-taught degree programmes

KdG provides full transparency on the results of the degree programme reviews and the way educational quality is progressing. For our English-taught degree programmes we provide reports in English.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

KdG is holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the full duration of the Erasmus+ Programme (2021-2027). The Charter (pdf) assures quality throughout all of KdG’s mobility activities.

Read more about our international strategy and objectives in our Erasmus Policy Statement (pdf)