English-taught programmes and COVID-19 questions

Updated July 8th, 2022

We look forward to welcoming you and are planning for your arrival. 

Given the current situation, you may have many unanswered questions. We hope to answer these below. Or please contact an international student advisor for help.

Keep up-to-date with the current situation at the Covid-19 site of the Belgian government.

  • The coronavirus barometer, which has been switched to code yellow since March of this year, has been deactivated. This has been decided by the Consultative Committee.
  • Mouth masks are now only mandatory in healthcare institutions. It is still recommended to wear masks in very crowded areas where it is difficult to maintain social distancing but they are not required on campus or in classrooms.
  • There are no longer travel restrictions. Testing, quarantines, and vaccination certificates are no longer required.
  • Belgium’s Covid Safe Ticket system has been suspended so it is not necessary to show this in restaurants, cafes and bars, or when attending events.
  • Here at KdG, students have fully returned to campus and are enjoying learning in the classroom with their classmates.

Studying in the 2022-2023 academic year

  • All our campuses are fully open
  • We have returned to providing the maximum number of classes possible on campus with only the occasional provision for online lessons if deemed advantageous.
  • You are not required to wear a face mask on campus.
  • Our restaurants and coffee bars are open and sports activities are taking place, if the safety measures allow.
  • Of course, we will provide a warm and safe welcome.
  • We are organising our Welcoming Days on campus.
  • Teachers and student counsellors are on-hand to offer students the support they need.

Arrival dates for the fall semester

  • English-taught bachelor’s and exchange students need to arrive in time for the appropriate Welcoming Days.  
  • Check temporary Covid-19 travel bans from high-risk countries.

Preparations for arrival in Belgium

There are currently no travel restrictions to Belgium. Vaccinations or negative test results are no longer required.

However, you will need to ensure that you comply with Belgium’s current COVID-19 safety requirements

When returning or arriving from a high-risk zone, specific measures are in place (sometimes an entry ban). You can consult the list of VOC countries online. There are currently no countries on this list.


Where can I get a Covid-19 test?

  • It is easy to get a Covid-19 test and recommended if you have Covid-19 related symptoms or have had a high risk contact.
  • On the official government website, you can read when, where and how you can get tested

What is the current infection rate in Belgium?

You can keep up-to-date with the official corona infection rate and hospital admissions here.

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