Students Creative Technologies & Entrepreneurship developed 3 innovative ecological ideas

  • "We were asked to create a project to improve ecology in the city of Antwerp.”
  • "We were allowed to put this into execution in any way we wanted and had to try to reduce our own ecological footprint as well."
  • "According to our experiences and skill sets we were divided into 3 diverse groups."
  • "The students within these 3 groups worked together to manage an entire project."

Wo we are?

A group of Belgian Marketing, Multimedia and Photography students, mixed with Erasmus students.

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The 3 projects ...

RideThatBike Antwerp

RideThatBike Antwerp is an application that records the number of kilometres you ride on your bike and rewards you for them. For each kilometre you ride, you get an Ecro-point.

Thanks to our partners you can use these points to buy all sorts of rewards in our store.

Lauri Aho (Finland), Sébastien Larose (Belgium) & Tom Kneefel (The Netherlands)


The team behind Bosbus believes in a positive connection between nature and your work environment.

We have developed an experience on wheels for meetings and brainstorm sessions where nature meets business.

Charlotte Roegiest, Pepijn Willekens & Nina Deroost (Belgium)

YouCan Belgium

Imagine how much cleaner the city would be, if people didn’t throw away their empty cans and bottles. That’s why we want to address the importance of a refund system in Belgium!

With our installation – consisting of a giant glass box with a photo booth on top – we want to travel to the biggest cities in Flanders to provide information and create awareness.

Join us by bringing your empty can or bottle (to pay for the photo booth), and receive your own polaroid in return!

Kevin Kofi Asare (Belgium), Jolien Koning (The Netherlands), Stephanie Hein (Germany) & Šarūnas Docius (Lithuania)