Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship

Minor of the professional bachelor Multimedia & Communication technology

  • Does your heart starts beating faster upon hearing the words entrepreneurship, ground-breaking multimedia and imagery? Expect the unexpected!
  • Open to students in Multimedia, Industrial Sciences & Technology and Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or in a related field
  • Get inspired by our mix of creativity, technology and entrepreneurship and let curiosity take over
  • Get triggered to start your own project!
  • Study in an international classroom: A perfect introduction to an international career.  
  • You will be guided through this programme by highly skilled professionals and dedicated teachers
  • Language? English spoken
  • And….. free classes Dutch language!
  • When? Autumn semester only

What to expect?

This programme is presented to you by the faculty of Science & Technology and is open for all students in the field of Multimedia, Industrial Sciences & Technology and Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or in a related field.

Creative Technologies & Entrepreneurship offers a fine selection of courses of the professional bachelor Multimedia & Communication technology, a degree programme entirely in English. Therefore, classes will be attended by both international degree students and exchange students, thus creating a real international experience.

We offer a crossover of three domains:

  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Technical digital skills
  • Creative thinking

Depending on your background, you pick the modules of your choice:

  • Creativity: animation, graphic design, storytelling
  • Technology: online marketing, principles of game design, prototyping
  • Entrepreneurship: Lean Start Up, Entrepreneurial skills, trend watching

As the world is rapidly changing, companies are eagerly searching for skilled people, young urban potentials, ready to take on the world. This course will give you the chance to refine your creative, technological and entrepreneur skills.

Course list

You can check here the Course list Creative Technologies and Entepreneurship of the academic year 20/21. 


What to do after you are graduated? Better be prepared!

That is why we focus on employability. What do employers expect? What competences does a young graduate need to start a job as a multimedia/marketing or audio-visual professional?

  • Be social, for one, and start networking. How? We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools.
  • Be a problem solver! How? We’ll present test-cases.
  • Become a team player! How? You will study amidst young ambitious people from all over the world. Dialogue is key to successful multicultural business relations.

Are you up for it?

You’d better be! At the end of this course, you will shine with pride, not only because you will have refined your multidisciplinary competences (programming, write a business plan …), but you will also be triggered to start your own company. Anywhere in the world: this course is the perfect introduction to an international career.  

You will be guided through this programme by highly skilled professionals and dedicated teachers.

RideThatBike: an application that records the number of kilometres you ride on your bike and rewards you for them. 

Bosbus: an experience on wheels for meetings and brainstorm sessions.

YouCan: a refund system empty cans and bottles.


Autumn semester 2020

Study in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, in the heart of Europe

  • Vibrant city of learning with more than 44,000 students
  • Home to the second-largest port in Europe
  • Diamond capital of the world

  • Thriving fashion industry 

  • Cultural heritage of world renown 

  • Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and London all within easy reach
Remote video URL

Atypical Antwerp, the movie

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Welcome in Antwerp!

Antwerp, city for students

Antwerp has over 44,000 students. On a total of 511,000 inhabitants, that's a lot! 

GATE15 works hard for a student-friendly city: sufficient and high-quality housing, a clean and safe student district, cheap rental bikes, cultural offers with great discounts,  affordable and safe party areas, clear policies with respect to mounting posters and ragging, and much more.

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Antwerp, city for students. An Introduction

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This is Antwerp

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What do other students say about Antwerp?

Academic guide and calender

How to apply?

English language requirements

As the entire programme is taught in English, you should master the English language sufficiently to participate actively in the courses. Level B2 is strongly recommended.

If you are not proficient enough in English to participate actively in the courses, there is always the risk of failing assignments or examinations. This is entirely the responsibility of the sending institution.

Students can take English (or other) language lessons on their own expense in the language center of the University of Antwerp (Linguapolis). Applications and fees are to be arranged directly with Linguapolis.

Who can apply?

Everyone who has a background related to the field of Multimedia, Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or Industrial Sciences and Technology, is welcome. Photography or graphic design (just to name two), … this way please.

All modules are open to Belgian students as electives.

How to apply?

Ask your home institution to send your nomination to our international coordinator Cynthia Plette. When you are accepted you will receive an email confirming your nomination. You will receive a nomination file that you are to fill in and send back to the coordinator by mail. KdG will upload this nomination file to Mobility Online.

Afterwards, you’ll receive a nomination mail. This mail contains a manual on how to use Mobility Online and also the necessary information to log into Mobility Online (login and password).

Free mover or recently graduated?

Please contact the coordinator

How to register?

In the workflow of Mobility Online, you’ll need to complete different steps, starting with your registration. After you’ve registered you will have to complete the application details and add several documents. Once your application is approved, you are invited to compose and sign the Learning Agreement.

Each step will be checked and - if everything goes right - approved by the coordinator at KdG. The application is complete when you enter the step: [AI] Exchange confirmed by KdG.

All these steps have to be completed well before arrival.

Read the Mobility Online manual.


Got a question? Ask an exchange student!

You will receive a fair answer, given by an experienced student. 

It’s very easy, via Facebook.

Why KdG?

  • Antwerp, Belgium – everything close by

  • International classroom – mix of local and international students

  • Real life – all hands on deck during project work

  • Strong network – partnerships with benefits for everyone

  • Happy students – numbers don’t lie. Join the community!

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