Creative Technologies and Entrepreneurship

Minor of the professional bachelor Multimedia and Creative Technologies

  • Does your heart starts beating faster upon hearing the words entrepreneurship, ground-breaking multimedia and imagery? Expect the unexpected!
  • Open to students in Multimedia, Industrial Sciences & Technology and Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or in a related field
  • Get inspired by our mix of creativity, technology and entrepreneurship and let curiosity take over
  • Get triggered to start your own project!
  • Study in an international classroom: a perfect introduction to an international career.  
  • You will be guided through this programme by highly skilled professionals and dedicated teachers
  • Language? English spoken
  • And….. free classes Dutch language!
  • When? Autumn semester only

What to expect?

This programme is presented to you by the faculty of Science & Technology and is open for all students in the field of Multimedia, Industrial Sciences & Technology and Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or in a related field.

Creative Technologies & Entrepreneurship offers a fine selection of courses of the professional bachelor Multimedia and Creative Technologies, a degree programme entirely in English. Therefore, classes will be attended by both international degree students and exchange students, thus creating a real international experience.

We offer a crossover of three domains: Entrepreneurial attitude, Technical digital skills and Creative thinking.

As the world is rapidly changing, companies are eagerly searching for skilled people, young urban potentials, ready to take on the world. This course will give you the chance to refine your creative, technological and entrepreneur skills.

Course Overview

2.1 Principles of game design
5 credits

Basic prior knowledge required in programming

In this course you will study the basic concepts of game design and how they are documented. You will also apply this concretely in a game sample, so bring along your coding skills!

You can expect the following content of the course:

  • An introduction to the international and regional gaming industry.
  • The importance and fluidity of Game Design and an introduction to established design rules and paradigms
  • An in depth look at hidden and visible game mechanics
  • Creating / prioritizing our own Game Design Principles: developing our "Design Bible"
  • The life cycle of an idea or concept
  • Steps towards publishing a game and determining potential company roles as described by those steps
  • Writing up a GDD, applying Game Design Principles to a GDD and using a GDD to create a game
2.1 Proof of concept
3 credits

You learn how important desk research is in the development and substantiation of a (media and entertainment) concept, product, or service. Trough theoretical lessons, examples, and individual and group assignments, you learn different search and processing strategies to find existing information (such as literature, trends, data, research, etc.) and test it for relevance. You learn how to interpret and process that existing information critically and correctly (for example in a paper). You will learn what plagiarism is and how to correctly apply the APA reference style.

We go through all steps in the research process: determining the research objective and questions and drawing up a research plan, choosing the appropriate research method, collecting and processing data, and reporting the results.

2.2 AI prompting
3 credits

Learn how to use AI tools in a productive and ethical way to improve and speed up your work.

3.1 Trendwatching
5 credits

iPhone or Fairphone? Local produce or eco-friendly Brazilian coffee? Tiny house or digital nomad? Which trends will be popular next year? Why do we choose one trend over another? Who decides what we like? Over the past decades, trend forecasting has become an increasingly important creative industry, reflecting on the most prevalent cultural moods of the present and predicting the sensitivities of the future.

In this course you learn how to do trend research and to identify trend manifestations. Further, you will translate trend(s) into innovative application possibilities, services and/or products. Based on your own trend analyses, you will design and present communication proposals (such as a blog, paper, podcast, vlog, etc.) applied to a relevant sector of your choice.

3.1 New Technology
5 credits

Do concepts like Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Wearables tickle your fancy? Are you always curious about the latest or are you simply visionary? Do you want to be a pioneer in the Media Technology sector? Then NxT Technology is all about you. You go in search of the NxT big thing. You will visit companies, start-ups and incubators. You go to conferences, festivals and meetups. You crave knowledge and want to be ready for the new (digital) world. You do this by scouting for new technology both online and offline. In this profession, you eat, sleep and drink new technology.

3.1 Business financials
4 credits

Unlock the secrets of business financials!

Ready to take your knowledge of business finances to the next level? In this course, we delve into the fundamental pillars of financial success, covering everything from revenue models to funding methods in a start-up/scale-up context. This is not a course in accounting, but a course that guides you in how to interpret your financials.

Here's a sneak peek into what you'll learn:

1 | Revenue models: Gain insight into the diverse range of revenue models (both product and service driven) that help businesses scale. Learn how to identify the most effective strategies to maximize revenues.

2 | The financial plan: Learn the art of crafting a solid financial roadmap.

3 | Pricing strategies: We will dive into the world of pricing strategies and uncover the tactics used by industry leaders. 

4 | Identifying the most suitable funding methods: From bootstrapping to venture capital, learn how to identify the perfect funding solution tailored to specific business needs.

With a focus on practical application, this course goes beyond theory to provide you with actionable insights that you can implement immediately. This course is ideal to help you in your financial literacy that will empower you to make informed financial decisions about business cases.

1.1 Graphics
5 credits

During this course, you learn the basics of both photo editing and vectorial drawing:

  • You develop a professional interface
  • You design a vector logo
  • You understand the rules of usability and know how to apply them in your project
  • You are able to design charactersassets and environments for your game
  • You are able to design a moodboard for a game
  • You are able to design branding for your game
Language course
Dutch Foreign Language level 1A
3 credits

KdG offers free Dutch language courses for all exchange students:

  • Evening classes 
  • Courses take place at the Faculty of Management & IT at Campus Groenplaats, in the center of Antwerp
Dutch as a foreign language Level A2 (for German speaking students)
3 credits

KdG offers free Dutch language courses for all exchange students:

  • Evening classes 
  • Courses take place at the Faculty of Management & IT at Campus Groenplaats, in the center of Antwerp


What to do after you are graduated? Better be prepared!

That is why we focus on employability. What do employers expect? What competences does a young graduate need to start a job as a multimedia/marketing or audio-visual professional?

  • Be social, for one, and start networking. How? We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools.
  • Be a problem solver! How? We’ll present test-cases.
  • Become a team player! How? You will study amidst young ambitious people from all over the world. Dialogue is key to successful multicultural business relations.

Are you up for it?

You’d better be! At the end of this course, you will shine with pride, not only because you will have refined your multidisciplinary competences (programming, write a business plan …), but you will also be triggered to start your own company. Anywhere in the world: this course is the perfect introduction to an international career.  

You will be guided through this programme by highly skilled professionals and dedicated teachers.

RideThatBike: an application that records the number of kilometres you ride on your bike and rewards you for them. 

Bosbus: an experience on wheels for meetings and brainstorm sessions.

YouCan: a refund system empty cans and bottles.

For whom?

Everyone who has a background related to the field of Multimedia, Business Administration and Commercial Sciences or Industrial Sciences and Technology, is welcome. Photography or graphic design (just to name two), … this way please.

All modules are open to Belgian students as electives.

English language requirements

As the entire programme is taught in English, you should master the English language sufficiently to participate actively in the courses. Level B2 is strongly recommended.

If you are not proficient enough in English to participate actively in the courses, there is always the risk of failing assignments or examinations. This is entirely the responsibility of the sending institution.

Students can take English (or other) language lessons on their own expense in the language center of the University of Antwerp (Linguapolis). Applications and fees are to be arranged directly with Linguapolis.


Autumn Semester 2024

  • Welcoming Days: 11 - 13 September
  • Start classes term 1: 16 September
  • Deadline changes LA: 30 September
  • Half term holidays (1 week): 28 October - 3 November
  • Mid term Examinations: 4-8 November
  • Start classes term 2: 12 November
  • Seasonal holidays (2 weeks): 23 December – 5 January
  • Examinations: 13-24 January
  • End of semester: 24 January
  • Farewell event: To be decided


  • You will study at our Campus Hoboken, the faculty of Science & Technology at the south of Antwerp.
  • You will have classes at the Campus Hoboken, the fablab at Campus Hoboken, our studios at campus Sint Jozef and Campus Zuid.
  • The campus enjoys excellent bus and tram links, and the Antwerp South train station is just a short ride away.
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Study in Antwerp, Belgium

  • Home to more than 44.000 students and around 170 nationalities.
  • Antwerp is a safe, diverse and welcoming international student city.
  • Situated on the River Scheldt, this mini metropolis is a gateway to the world.
  • A perfectly located economic hub steeped in history, and always evolving.
  • Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and London all within easy reach.

Discover Antwerp, Belgium’s ‘capital of cool’

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Academic guide

Please download the academic guide 2024-2025 with all details about the programme.

How to apply?

  • Ask your home institution to communicate your nomination to our international coordinators (per study field).
  • When you are accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your nomination and a link to our online registration and course selection.
  • When your courses have been approved by KdG, you will receive the link to Mobility Online where you can complete the rest of your application.


  • Nomination deadline: 1 May
  • Application deadline: 30 June


Got a question? Ask an exchange student!

You will receive a fair answer, given by an experienced student. 

It’s very easy, via Facebook.

Why KdG?

  • Antwerp, Belgium – everything close by

  • International classroom – mix of local and international students

  • Real life – all hands on deck during project work

  • Strong network – partnerships with benefits for everyone

  • Happy students – numbers don’t lie. Join the community!

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