IBS students give the security business the ultimate push

Security is hot. The market is expanding and medium sized companies sense the growth path.

The SME Brabex Ltd in the Antwerp region introduced 11 students in International Business at the Karel de Grote University College in the business of home, shop and warehouse security. In return these students in International Business Management IBS explored new ways to grasp the new business opportunities. 

3 days later, Brabex launched the leasing option on the website.

“This seminar was the real thing. I never digged so thoroughly for information. Yes sir, this team used their brains to come up with great solutions,” witnesses Joran.

Guided by both their Austrian and Belgian professor-entrepreneur, students searched the markets. And validated challenges with leasing contracts, drone technology and big data camera software.

“The IBS international student teams did it again,” smiles programme manager Werner Boumans.