Combining studies with entrepreneurship

Want to achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions during your academic career? You can if you want! KdG can support you in this, from idea to start-up. Every student with entrepreneurship ambitions can avail of support, both prestarters (with an idea) as starters (with a company).

How can you apply for an individual learning certificate?

Your application comprises the following two steps:

Step 1: Coaching session

  • You must complete the application form and send it to You can find this form on the intranet.
  • You receive an invitation for a coaching session
  • You get a certificate student-entrepreneur when your ambitions as an entrepreneur are clear and concrete.

Stap 2: Apply for Individual Learning Certificate with individual measures

  • If there is a need for flexibility during your study track. You make an appointment with the study career counsellor of the degree programme for which you are enrolled. They will discuss your individual learning certificate with individual measures with you.
  • If you have discussed the individual measures with the study career counsellor of your degree programme, you can follow the status of your application in your digital student file. If your application with individual study and examination arrangements is approved, you will find your individual learning certificate in your digital student file. You will be able to consult this certificate at all times there. Print the certificate to make use of special examination arrangements during the exams.

How can you demonstrate this? 

You must complete the application form and attach any relevant documents such as the following: 

  • Business Management degree 
  • Company number 
  • Business plan or financial plan 
  • ... 

And send it to

Which kind of support is possible?

  • Coaching: you may request coaching from a lecturer-coach/entrepreneur-coach. Coaching support is only provided on request. 
  • Infrastructure: you may use the available areas and facilities at the Groenplaats Campus to develop your company, e.g. for holding meetings, receiving customers, making use of copy facilities, organising reception services, etc. The conditions for this can be discussed during the coaching session. 
  • Network: you have access to the student entrepreneur network and the activities organised by this network. This network connects student entrepreneurs in KdG and Antwerp via TakeoffAntwerp. 
  • Communication: you will receive assistance with your communication needs. 
  • Flexibility: you may request flexibility in your study track if this is possible from the organisational perspective and if there is a clearly demonstrable relationship with the company. This flexibility option will only be applicable if it is considered necessary, as demonstrated during the coaching session.