Studying + art / culture

Are you passionately involved in art, theatre, music or dance and interested in combining that with a degree programme at KdG? In that case, a student-artist status with individual measures can be your key to success! 

What is required? 

To be considered eligible, you must be: 

  • Artistically engaged at a high level within a recognised artistic and/or cultural organisation 
  • Frequently engaged in your cultural activity during the academic year 

How can you apply for an individual learning certificate?

The application procedure consists of two stages:  

Stage 1: Application for student artist status 

  • Go to and register. 
  • Click on ‘new application’ and then ‘individual learning certificate’. Fill out your application.
  • Upload your certificates/supporting documents if necessary. 
  • Submit your application. 
  • Evi Wouters will receive your application and invite you to an interview. She will approve your student-artist status if you meet the criteria. 

Stage 2: Application for individual measures 

  • Make an appointment with study career counsellor of your degree programme to make use of individual study and examination arrangements. 
  • As a student you can follow the status of your application in your digital student file. If your application with individual study and examination arrangements is approved, you will find your individual learning certificate in your digital student file. You will be able to consult this certificate at all times there. Print the certificate to make use of special examination arrangements during the exams. 

How can you demonstrate this? 

You can prove that you meet the above-mentioned criteria by providing the following: 

  • A covering letter 
  • Documents showing proof of achievements, special activities, performances, experience, contracts, etc. 
  • A copy of your contract, if you are contractually affiliated with an artistic and/or cultural organisation