Students with special needs

KdG guarantees personalised support where necessary. Students with special needs can apply for certain individual measures, which are set down in an 'Individual Learning Certificate' (ILC). This is a certificate between you (the student) and the university college, containing specified accommodations in the areas of education and examinations.

This will enable you to overcome specific difficulties and hence increase your chances of success. The knowledge and skills to be acquired remain unchanged: with or without an ILC, the qualifications obtained have the same value.

What measures are available to me?

Below you will find a summary of possible Additional Learning Support and Special Examination Arrangements.

The necessity and feasibility of each measure requested will be considered by the academic staff. The student's ability to achieve the intended learning outcomes may not be compromised. You can find these learning outcomes in the prospectus of the study programme.

A prospectus per study programme supplements the University College Education and Examination Regulations. The prospectus describes the objectives, course content, working and assessment methods and learning outcomes for all course units and teaching activities.

Possible Additional Learning Support

  • Option of coming to classes later or leaving earlier
  • Option of leaving the classroom briefly
  • Provision of an accessible/adapted seat during teaching activities
  • If possible, textbooks are made available in electronic format
  • The lecturer uses sound amplification during class
  • Use own device to take notes (e.g. laptop) during class is allowed.
  • Option of deviating from the standard internship agreements and/or internship period
  • Courses/teaching materials provided by lecturers are made available in electronic format
  • Adjustment of the student's personal timetable if this is feasible in practice
  • Guidance by a support coach
  • Support for specific first-aid needs

Possible Special Examination Arrangements

  • Extra time for taking an exam
  • Taking exams in a quiet exam room
  • Taking exams while wearing noise-cancelling headphones
  • Exam questions are read out by the invigilator
  • Option of reformulating/paraphrasing exam questions
  • Legitimate absence during class/assessment
  • May provide oral explanations for a written exam
  • Entitled to a large-print copy of exam questions
  • Taking written examinations electronically
  • Briefly leaving the exam room under supervision
  • Right to spread out the exams, in the form of (a) extra catch-up exams
  • Using reading and/or spelling software such as Sprint Plus during the exam
  • Using a translating dictionary during the exam
  • Adjustment of deadlines for assignments or spreading out the assignments
  • Using a basic calculator during exams
  • Using help cards/formula sheets during exams
  • Allowed to eat and drink during the exam

In addition, we offer all students the – irrespective of whether they have an ILC – the following support:

  • Courses/teaching materials provided by lecturers are made available in electronic format, wherever possible
  • Marking based on content of work, discounting spelling errors, except in assignments and exams where spelling is one of the required skills
  • Option of making a sound recording of classes for personal use
  • Schedule per period of the content of a course unit is available in broad outline in electronic format
  • Using own device to take notes (e.g. laptop), unless otherwise indicated in the ECTS sheet for a course unit
  • Drinking water in class and during exams is allowed.
  • Option of using earplugs during exams
  • Assignments and deadlines are communicated in writing/electronically by the lecturers
  • Supporting material provided by lecturers is made available in electronic format (in advance)
  • Courses/teaching materials provided by lecturers are made available in electronic format

  • Lecturers use sound amplification, if necessary, to ensure that they can be heard when addressing a large audience