Students with a representation mandate

During your studies, if you are a member of the Academic Council, the Student Services Council, the Study Programme Student Council, the Study Programme Advisory Council, or the KdG Student Council, and if you participate in external consultative bodies such as ASO (Antwerp Student Council), ASRA (Antwerp Student Council Association), VVS (Flemish Union of Students) or AUHA (Antwerp University Association), an ILC can ensure that you can play an effective part in the meetings.

How do you apply for an Individual Learning Certificate (ILC)?

The onus always lies with you, the student, to apply for an ILC.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly right from the start at KdG, it is important to submit your application in good time. You find the deadlines for submitting your ILC in the academic calender of your course.

Make an appointment with for your study programme to discuss your ILC.

Are you not yet enrolled? Do you have any questions?

Contact (study programme career coordinator for Business Management - International Business).