Working Students

If you are combining daytime studies at KdG with a job because you have to pay for all or part of your own living expenses and study costs, a 'social circumstances (employed)' ILC may help you cope with the challenges.

Your employment must meet the following conditions:

  • The income earned is needed to pay for all or part of your living expenses and study costs.
  • You do not follow a specific pathway for working students.
  • You are in possession of a proof of employment with a volume of at least 72 hours per month or half of a full-time assignment, customary in the sector of employment.
  • The hours worked are during the academic year.

How do you prove this?

You prove this by providing one of the following documents:


  • An employment contract or a certificate from your employee proving an employment of at least 72 hours per month or 50% within your sector. The proof may not be more than 1 year old (information such as amounts on a pay slip may of course be concealed). Supporting documents must state the duration of the contract (full-time/mid-term and fixed/indefinite period).
  • Self-employed persons must be able to demonstrate that they are engaged in an activity as a main occupation. This can be done on the basis of a form from the social insurance fund to which one is affiliated.
  • A certificate from the VDAB proving that your course is part of a training programme at the VDAB.
  • Proof of study grant of the Flemish Community with the status of independent student.

How do you apply for an Individual Learning Certificate (ILC)?

The onus always lies with you, the student, to apply for an ILC.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly right from the start at KdG, it is important to submit your application in good time. You find the deadlines for submitting your ILC in the academic calender of your course.

Make an appointment with for your study programme to discuss your ILC.

Are you not yet enrolled? Do you have any questions?

Contact (study programme career coordinator for Business Management).