Apply for an English-taught advanced master programme

Please note that the new call 2024 / 2025 will be launched and announced on our website at the end of December 2023.

  • Read through our application due dates and procedure before you start your application.
  • There is no enrolment possible halfway through the academic year.
  • Our tuition fee is paid annually.
  • An application fee is required.

For more information about our advanced master programme, check out the Sint Lucas Antwerpen website.

Admission requirements

To apply for our international advanced master’s programme, you will need:

  • A master degree (academic) (with translation in Dutch, French, English or German). 
  • Language certificate CEFR level B2 English or higher (CRFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • A research application file

Go to supporting documents to check the full details.

Tuition fee

Our tuition fee for a full-year programme (60 credits) in the 2023-2024 academic year for advanced master is 2856,50 euro:

  • 936,50 euro – fixed
  • 32,00 euro – variable (per credit)

It is not possible to pay the tuition fee in instalments. Please note that the non-EEA tuition fee needs to be paid in full before 30/6/2023.


KdG offers no scholarships or grants.

Application Due dates

The due dates for 2024/2025 will be announced at the end of December 2023.

Academic year 2023/2024:

  • Due date for sending in your research file is 18 August 2023.
  • Selected candidates will be invited for a digital admission interview on 23, 24 or 25 August 2023.
  • You will be informed no later than 28 August 2023.

Application procedure

Here’s the information we need to process your application.

As soon as we have received all of the above, your application is complete and we will check whether you meet the admission requirements.

If you meet the admission requirements, you will be invited to upload your research application file. If your application file gets positively evaluated, you will be invited for selection interview.  

After the interview you will receive feedback regarding your enrolment. The result of the selection interview is valid for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Application fee

We require a non-refundable application fee payable during your online application.

  • Cost: 128,80 euro (excluding bank costs). This fee is deducted from your tuition fee if you are accepted onto the programme.
  • Have a regular Belgian or Dutch diploma? Then the fee is refundable if you are not accepted or enrolled in the programme.
  • Do you fulfil all the admission requirements and you’ve received a negative test result? Then the fee is also refundable.

Supporting documents

You need to upload the following supporting documents:

Education certificate

  • Upload master certificates in English, Dutch, French or German only. Certificates in other languages need translating first by a SWORN translator before submission.

  • As a rule we accept certificates that grant access to a comparable higher education degree programme in the country it was awarded.

  • You can apply before you have received your master certificate, provided that:
    • You are a student in the final year of your master study program, expecting to graduate by the end of June this year.
    • As part of your online application, you submit a statement of your expected qualifications, provided by your school.
    • You do send a copy of the final certificate before the start of the academic year. Without this you won’t be able to start.

Language certificate

We require CEFR level B2 English or higher for our English-taught  advanced master programme.

Do you hold a Belgian diploma? Note that these diplomas are not considered as sufficient proof of English proficiency. You will need to provide additional certification of your level of English.

You need to meet one of the following language requirements:

  • Native English speaker
    Provide official confirmation from your secondary school or university that you have:
    • Studied in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or one of Canada’s English-speaking provinces and obtained (or will obtain) a secondary school diploma with at least two years’ schooling there.
    • Or completed two years and passed 50% of your courses at a higher education institute there.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
    Achieved a score of six or higher in your International Baccalaureate Diploma for English A or English B
  • English-language certificate holder
    Achieved the required scores in one of the language tests listed below within the last two years:
    • Duolingo English test
      • Intake for academic year 2023-24: minimum overall score: 115, minimum sub scores: 100

      • Select KdG when prompted

    • Cambridge English Qualifications
      Minimum overall score: 168, minimum sub scores: 161
    • IELTS
      Minimum overall score: 6.0, minimum sub scores: 5.5
    • ITACE
      Minimum overall score: B2, minimum sub scores: B2
    • TOEFL-iBT
      Minimum overall score: 78, minimum sub scores: 18
      Use our code B712 to speed up the process
    • KdG proof of course credit
      You previously earned a KdG proof of course credit for English B2 or higher.
  • KdG language screening session

    KdG offers free on-campus language screening sessions to check your level of English. These consist of a test on reading comprehension, listening comprehension and vocabulary, and a speaking and writing assessment with an examiner.

    • You must obtain a CEFR level of B2 or higher for all parts to be eligible for a place on our English-taught degree programmes.
    • These tests will take place in Antwerp (Campus Groenplaats
    • We will update the placement test dates for 2024 here as soon as the sessions are scheduled.
    • Reservations are mandatory.

    • You may only attend one on-campus screening session. If you do not obtain the required grade, you will need to take one of the alternative language tests referred to above.

Applying from China?

  • All students with a Chinese degree are obliged to obtain an APS certificate of academic screening.
  • An APS certificate is also a condition for obtaining a student visa to study in Belgium.
  • Chinese applicants should add the APS certificate to their application. Start the process yourself before applying to KdG by contacting
  • The APS screening is not an academic selection procedure but is to avoid document fraud and to guarantee a sufficient language knowledge.

Acceptance & Payment Instructions

We will contact you by email to confirm the outcome of your application.

Research application file

After review of the diploma and language check, you will receive an invitation to upload your research application file. When you receive a positive evaluation of your application file you will be invited for an online selection interview.

The application file consists of following documents:

  • Short description of your practice
    A brief statement on your art or design practice. Maximum 500 words.
  • Research proposal
    A description of the subject, research question, methodology and objective of your research proposal. Maximum 1000 words.
  • Motivation letter
    Why would you like to join this research MA programme? Give an indication of your needs and expectations. Maximum 500 words.
  • CV & Portfolio
    Provide a relevant CV & portfolio or indicate the web address of your relevant digital portfolio. Don’t send your complete portfolio: select in terms of relevance to your research proposal.

  • Recommendation letter
    Ask a professional contact to write a recommendation letter: why do we have to select you and how would benefit from our program?

For more information about our advanced master’s programme, check out the Sint Lucas Antwerpen website.