What is the cost of studying?


You are a student applying for a fulltime programme worth 60 credits with a degree contract for the 2023-24 academic year.

Non-EEA student

  • You pay the higher fee of 7102,60 euros
  • If this is your first enrolment, you must pay the full tuition fee before the 30th June 2023

EEA student

  • You pay the standard fee of 1092,10 euros
  • You pay the full tuition fee upon acceptance or you can opt for paying in instalments

Belgian student

  • Non-scholarship student (niet beursstudent): you pay the standard fee of 1092,10 euros

  • Part-scholarship student (bijna-beursstudent): you pay a fee of 576,10 euros

  • Scholarship student (beurstariefstudent): you pay the reduced fee of 128,80 euros

See the example for Belgian students in Dutch

Tuition fees 2023-2024: diploma or credit contract for graduates, bachelor’s and master’s

Most new students enrol with a diploma contract.

Standard fee

You pay the standard fee if you have Belgian nationality or a Flemish diploma of secondary education or an EEA nationality or exceptions due to rights of residency.

  • Non-scholarship student: 282,10 euros + 13,50 euros per study credit

  • Part-scholarship student: 282,10 euro + 4,90 euros per study credit

  • Scholarship student: 128,80 euros

Higher fee

If you do not meet the criteria above for the standard fee, you pay the higher fee: 1420,60 euros + 94,70 euros per study credit.

Exceptions to the higher fee:

  • Dutch-taught graduates and bachelors: if your KdG studies already started before 2020-2021: you pay 282,10 euros + 13,50 euros per study credit.
  • Bachelor International Business Management: if your KdG studies already started in 2018-2019: you pay 995,70 euros + 56,20 euros per study credit.

Tuition fees 2023-2024: other

  • Exam contract:
    • You pay the standard or increased rate exam contract, as per the same conditions as a diploma or credit contract (see above):

      • Standard rate exam contract: €128,80 + €4,90 per study credit

      • Increased rate exam contract: 995,70 euro + 7,30 euro per study credit

  • Advanced master: 936,5 euros + 32 euros per study credit

  • Credit contract for student in final year of secondary education: 57,90 euros (max. 10 credits)

  • Insufficient learning credit (for bachelor’s and master’s): increased tuition fees for students with insufficient learning credit who meet the exception rules as stipulated in the Education and Examination Regulations: 13,50 euros extra per study credit for which no learning account is available.

Check the Education and Examination Regulations for all info on tuition fees.

  • Are your tuition fees eating too much into your budget?
  • And so would you like to spread the payment of your tuition fees over time?

No problem! If you pay the standard fee, you can spread your payment for any course (excluding a postgraduate, post-training and study day).

  • You pay an advance of 128,80 euros upon registration and immediately register for a spread payment plan.
  • You must pay the remaining amount in a maximum of five instalments.

Scholarship from the Flemish government

Under certain conditions, students may be eligible for a scholarship issued by the Flemish government.

The main criterium is your nationality, or more specifically, the type of visa or residence permit you have to reside in Belgium. 

Check this webpage to see whether you meet the requirements

Please note: if you are living in Belgium under a student or work visa, you will not be eligible.

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