Which pronouns suit you?

It’s up to you.

  • Woman: she/her/hers
    Sam feels more comfortable when she is addressed with female pronouns in her email communication. It makes her feel good.
  • Man: he/him/his
    Sam feels more comfortable when he is addressed with male pronouns in his email communication. It makes him feel good.
  • Non-binary: they/them/theirs
    Sam feels more comfortable when they are addressed with non-binary pronouns in their email communication. It makes them feel good.

Or a combination of all of the above.


  • Let others know which pronouns suit you.
  • You could include your pronouns in your email signature and add a link to this webpage.
  • Don’t blindly assume what people identify as based on their name or appearance: non-binary, (trans) man, (trans) woman …
  • Not sure whether to use they, he or she? ‘They’ is your safest option in that case. It’s both neutral and clear.
  • Above all, use ‘you’ where possible. This is much more personal.
  • Want to know more about gender-neutral language (a work in progress): https://lgbtlifecenter.org/pronouns/.

That way you help ensure that all genders feel respected.

Good to know

  • One pronoun that fits all? Finnish has one: hän/hänen.
  • Oops, did you use the wrong pronoun? No problem, to err is human (m/f/x).
Diversity is a fact, inclusion is our choice.