Public Impact

Research centre

The Public Impact research centre carries out applied scientific research, the aim of which is to improve events and cities.

  • Having better events and cities will generate more public impact which, in turn, will bring about more effective use of resources, people and materials.
  • The research team develops tools and guidelines to better match events and other urban activities to the citizen and the community.
  • Our researchers develop know-how and expertise which help contribute to the further professionalisation of the events sector.
  • The events academy team translates this expertise from customised research. Our coaches and consultants guide and train (future) events professionals, both for the public sector and the (non-)profit sector.


Collaboration in research projects

Participate in a research project? Yes you can! Become a living lab with your organisation or join a think tank. Are you looking for a research partner for a partnership of practice organisations? Are you experiencing needs in your organisation that seem worthy of research? Are you looking for ways to make your organisation more sustainable or stronger? Submit your needs or questions to us and together we will see what we can do for you.

Refresher courses and workshops

Want to stay up to date with the latest insights from our research? Follow one of our refresher courses or workshops. These can be held on our campus or at your workplace.

  • Further training, advice and research tailored to:
    • Activate (Event) professionals to organise vibrant events and meetings.
    • Inspire companies to do sustainable and inclusive business.
    • Guide public organisations to make urban social spaces smarter.
  • Study days
    • Use our methodologies and tools, but tailor-made for your organisation? You can. We always tailor them to your needs and type of organisation. Contact us for more information.    

Use our tools

  • Predict, measure and improve the impact of your event with our tools:
    • Social impact
    • Economic impact
    • Visitor numbers
    • Visitor profiles
    • Ecological impact
    • Safety risks
  • Create an inclusive work environment.
    • Inclusive management
    • Inclusive recruitment
    • Inclusive teamwork 

Want to know more, collaborate or have a press enquiry?

You can work with the Public Impact research centre on various topics, including:

  • Research data and expertise on the broad event sector.
  • Tools and guidelines to make your events more impactful.
  • A network of experts.

Contact us without obligation