Admission Requirements for a Bachelor's degree in Dutch

The admission requirements to register for a professional bachelor are:

Flemish secondary education diploma

You receive the secondary education diploma if you pass your last year of the third grade. In the aso, tso and kso this is the 2nd year of the 3rd grade. In the bso this is the 3rd year of the 3rd grade (7th year).

Also admissible:

  • Flemish higher education diploma of short type with full curriculum
  • Higher education diploma for social conferral of a doctorate, with the exception of the certificate of pedagogical competence

If you meet the language requirements and have one of these diplomas, you can follow the standard enrolment procedure (in Dutch).

Other admissible diplomas

  • Diploma or certificate, issued as part of higher vocational education (HBO5)
  • Dutch VWO (Pre-University Education) diploma, MBO4 (Middle-Level Vocational Education 4) diploma or successful Dutch propaedeutic
  • European baccalaureate
  • International Baccalaureate

If you meet the language requirements and have one of these other diplomas, you can follow the standard enrolment procedure.

Equivalent admission certificates

Confirmation of admission from KdG

We recognize a proof of study that under a statutory norm, a European directive or an international agreement as being equivalent to one of the above diplomas.

In the absence of such accreditation, the Director of Education and Student Policy can allow individuals working in a country outside the European Union who have obtained a diploma or certificate that provides admission to higher professional education or academic education in that country to enrol for a bachelor's degree programme.

More information? If you mail you will get an answer within 14 days.

Confirmation of admission from AUHA

The complete procedure can be found on the website of the AUHA. Please note that this procedure may take several months.

You will receive your Flemish secondary education diploma soon

This information is not yet available.

If you do not meet the conditions, you can still register with a credit contract. Contact the Academic Programme Coordinator of the study programme.

Language requirements

You must have a command of the language of the course of study (Dutch) up to a certain level: B2 for the professional bachelor's programmes, in accordance with the European framework.

This is so if you:

  • have completed at least one year in Dutch-speaking secondary education
  • passed a course of study of at least 60 credits in Dutch higher education
  • submit a certificate of your language knowledge

The following examples suffice as certificate:

  • B2 and C2: Dutch State Examination NT2-II
  • B2: Inter-University Dutch Language Test for Speakers of Other Languages (ITNA)
  • B2: Dutch as a Foreign Language, Higher Education Language Proficiency Profile (PTHO) or Professional Language Proficiency Profile (POSTAL)
  • B2: Dutch State Examination NT2-II

When applying for a Dutch-language bachelor’s programme at KdG, you need to submit your B2 level certificate in Dutch. If your level of proficiency is below this level, you can apply for a yearlong preparatory Dutch course at Linguapolis.

Candidates who require a student visa can get a conditional letter of acceptance once they are enrolled at Linguapolis. Please apply via this form.