Karel de Grote University College’s founders’ idea was a – literally – school with a name. Choosing Karel de Grote (Charles I, Charles the Great /742-814) – a European emperor who was responsible for a vast European empire and brought unity in people, languages, cultures and social-economic systems.

The Karel de Grote University College wants to play a European and international role. Hence the internationally legendary name (Carolus Magnus, Charlemagne). Furthermore, Charlemagne played an important role as far as the fundaments of Europe’s school system go. During his reign medieval arts flourished like never before, the so-called Carolingian Renaissance.  His court had a lasting influence on the renewal of law, arts, science and trade.  Charlemagne was a devoted Christian.

On December 20th 1994 the ASBL organizing the school was founded. The Karel de Grote University College officially opened on September 1st, 1995. The inauguration took place on September 18th, 1995. 

Thirteen former catholic Antwerp high schools merged to form the Karel de Grote University College

  • Highschool of Economics Sint-Eligius
  • Free technical school Technicum
  • Sint-Maria Institute
  • Sint-Vincentius Institute for Nursing
  • Antwerp Catholic Higher Institue for Nursing
  • Higher Institute for Social Work
  • Higher Institute Sint-Lodewijk
  • Sint-Lucas
  • Pius X-institute
  • Our Lady Institute Pulhof (Berchem)
  • Free Technical Institute Borgerhout
  • Catholic Industrial Highschool Antwerp (Hoboken)
  • Subsidised Free Teacher School (Wijnegem)