Creative Technologies and Interaction

Minor of the professional bachelor Multimedia & Communication technology

  • Does your heart starts beating faster upon hearing the words human- technology and creative thinking?
  • Open to students in Multimedia Studies
  • Get inspired by our mix of technology, interaction and creative thinking
  • Study in an international classroom: A perfect introduction to an international career.  
  • You will be guided through this programme by highly skilled professionals and dedicated teachers
  • Language? English spoken
  • And….. free classes Dutch language!
  • When? Spring semester only

What to expect?

This is your chance to create and design. Writing interesting and compelling narratives, you will draw on different technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to find solutions to real-life challenges. User experience and Interaction are key to everything you do in this semester.

Who can enroll?

This programme is presented to you by the faculty of Science & Technology and is open for students in the field of Multimedia.

Creative Technologies & Interaction offers a fine selection of courses of the professional bachelor Multimedia & Communication technology, a degree programme entirely in English. Therefore, classes will be attended by both international degree students and exchange students, thus creating a real international experience.

Prior knowledge required

In order to be eligible to this programme, students need to have a background in Multimedia and have prior knowledge in programming.

Course Overview

Creation and Experience
10 credits

As a digital strategist, you need to generate workable ideas that meet specific customer needs.

In this module you will create digital 3D content with a clear focus on the experience of the users. You will build interactive and virtual experiences for specific clients.

Your seminars focus on:

  • 3D Development and 3D Creation
  • Experience Design & Virtual Storytelling
  • Team project (duo) creation & producing
Business and interaction
10 credits

Working with companies, you will analyze digital strategy, devise NxT solutions for marketing and work on product development.

This project will focus on:

  • How to set up new immersive advertising formats
  • Help businesses set up and implement digital transformations
  • Find out how multimedia can be used in different settings (industry, business, training)
  • Specialise yourself in UX Design and Interaction Design
New technology – What’s NxT
5 credits

In this course you learn to critically assess and develop content using new media forms and to employ these media. You critically follow international trends and innovations in a broad sector of multimedia technology. Finally you learn to assess and evaluate the social implications and legal and ethical aspects of multimedia services.

You will follow lectures from experts, you go on an excursion to innovative companies and/or environments and you explore new technologies under supervision. During the self-study you explore new technologies and make a portfolio.

New product development
5 credits

This course will give you a holistic view of the new product development arena and will help you gain specific knowledge in how to select, plan, monitor and control a new product development project, using the proper tools and techniques.

You will familiarize yourself with the 8 stages of new product development process: Idea Generation, Idea Screening, Concept Development and Testing, Business and Marketing Strategy Development, Product Development, Test Marketing, and Commercialization.

Advanced AV Productions
5 credits

This course focusses on the use of and practice in audio visual productions including:

  • Visual language, narratives and video styles
  • Use of a professional camera and DSLR Working with light, fast and effective gear (mirrorless and stabilizer)
  • Lighting (basic lighting setup for interview and scene) and audio
  • Interview techniques
  • International video platforms and online video
  • Professional editing techniques basic video editing, color grading and sound post-production
  • Storytelling Exercises in class; practical workshops

Students need to purchase: 

  • SD Card (min.16 GB, NO micro sd - adaptor system) (+/- €45)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud License (+/- €80/year)
  • Students are asked to bring a headphone to class
Science, technology and society
5 credits

This class addresses perhaps the one most important variable of the change life in the 21st century, and that is the impact of technology, especially of Multimedia and Communication Technology (MCT). With an emphasis on society, economy, media and ethics, we offer different seminars and lecturers and invite you to think for yourself, to reflect on society, politics and the impact of technology, and to do something wonderful with all the new and old ways of cultural expression that our world provides.

Topics for the seminar can include (subjects can change according to actual developments)

  • Digital evolution - Past, Present and future outlook of digital technology
  • Media and artificial intelligence
  • A brief history of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Ethical challenges posed by digital innovation
  • Technologies of the future
  • Virtualization of the world
  • Life 3.0 - the impact of AI
  • The structure of scientific revolutions
Innovation Bootcamp
5 credits

The Innovation Boot Camp combines Design Thinking and Innovation in the frame-work of Entrepreneurship.

Participants of this Bootcamp will have the unique opportunity to experience business-related models and search for creative and sustainable solutions that fit a world that is driven by new technology and innovation.

During six weeks, distinguished lecturers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will tutor and coach students from around the world in an intensive online study program.

Participating students can earn 5 ECTS in the Innovation Boot Camp. The Innovation Boot Camp is a collaboration between Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), The Netherlands, Karel de Grote University College (KdG), Belgium, and the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) Stuttgart, Germany.

The number of participants is limited.

Language course
Dutch Foreign Language level 1A
for credits or not for credits

KdG offers free Dutch language courses for all exchange students:

  • Evening classes
  • Courses take place at the Faculty of Management 1 IT at Campus Groenplaats, in the center of Antwerp

Through an interactive and task-based approach the course concentrates largely on listening-, speaking- and reading skills. At the end of the course you can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases. You learn how to introduce yourself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details. Further you will learn how you can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Please note that we offer two levels: Dutch Foreign Language level A1 and level A2.

They both start from zero, but the A2-level will go faster. This level is recommended for German-speaking students or a prior knowledge of the Dutch language.

Instructions for the selection of the courses

  • We accept min. 20 credits and max. 33 credits per semester.
  • You select at least one project. It is also allowed to select both projects.
  • Read the prerequisites that are mentioned in each course description very carefully. Without this preliminary knowledge, students can’t participate in the course.
  • The course ‘Innovation Bootcamp’ is a blended or virtual international course with a limited number of participants


Spring Semester 2022

  • Welcoming Days: 27 -28 January
  • CTI information session Friday 28 January (morning, Campus Hoboken)
  • CTI modules period 3:  31 January  
  • Changes la (meetings): 21 February
  • Deadline changes: 22 February
  • Half term holidays (1 week): 28 February – 4 March
  • Examinations: 28 March – 1 April
  • Seasonal holidays (2 weeks): 4 April – 18 April
  • CTI modules period 4: 19 April
  • Examinations: 7-24 June
  • End of semester: 24 June
  • Farewell event: To be decided


  • You will study at our Campus Hoboken, the Faculty of Science & Technology in the south of Antwerp.
  • You will have classes at the Campus Hoboken, the fablab at Campus Hoboken, our studios at campus Sint Jozef and Campus Zuid.
  • The campus enjoys excellent bus and tram links, and the Antwerp South train station is just a short ride away.
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Study in Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp, in the heart of Europe

  • Vibrant city of learning with more than 44,000 students
  • Home to the second-largest port in Europe
  • Diamond capital of the world

  • Thriving fashion industry 

  • Cultural heritage of world renown 

  • Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and London all within easy reach

Atypical Antwerp, the movie

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Welcome in Antwerp!

Antwerp, city for students

Antwerp has over 44,000 students. A total of 511,000 inhabitants, that's a lot! 

STAN (Student in Antwerp) works hard for a student-friendly city: sufficient and high-quality housing, a clean and safe student district, cheap rental bikes, cultural offers with great discounts,  affordable and safe party areas, clear policies with respect to mounting posters and ragging, and much more.

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Antwerp, city for students. An Introduction

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This is Antwerp

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What do other students say about Antwerp?

Academic guide

Download here the academic guide for 20/21 for more information on the current programmes. Soon the academic guide for the year 21/22 will be available

How to apply?

Ask your home institution to communicate your nomination to our international coordinators (per study field). When you are accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirming your nomination and a link to our online registration and course selection. When your courses have been approved by KdG, you will receive the link to Mobility Online where you can complete the rest of your application.

Free mover or recently graduated?
Please contact the coordinator

Deadlines Spring semester

  • Nomination deadline: 15 November
  • Application deadline: 18 December

Who can apply?

All students enrolled to Multimedia Studies or a strongly related study field studying at one of our partners schools can apply. If your school does not have a partnership within the study field multimedia, please ask the coordinator at your international office to contact us.

English language requirements

As the entire programme is taught in English, you should master the English language sufficiently to participate actively in the courses. Level B2 is strongly recommended.

If you are not proficient enough in English to participate actively in the courses, there is always the risk of failing assignments or examinations. This is entirely the responsibility of the sending institution.

Students can take English (or other) language lessons on their own expense in the language center of the University of Antwerp (Linguapolis). Applications and fees are to be arranged directly with Linguapolis.


Got a question? Ask an exchange student!

You will receive a fair answer, given by an experienced student. 

It’s very easy, via Facebook.

Why KdG?

  • Antwerp, Belgium – everything close by

  • International classroom – mix of local and international students

  • Real life – all hands on deck during project work

  • Strong network – partnerships with benefits for everyone

  • Happy students – numbers don’t lie. Join the community!

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